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Ireland Bill Legalizes Abortion, Forces Doctors to Facilitate Abortions or Lose Their Jobs
Dublin, Ireland | 10/4/18

Commenting at the Dáil as the Government’s abortion bill was being introduced, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said:

Former Taoiseach John Bruton Criticizes Simon Harris: No “Brighter Ireland” if Babies are Aborted
Dublin, Ireland | 9/10/18

Former Taoiseach John Bruton has said that the pro-repeal side, after victory in the recent referendum, were “not always magnanimous, or respectful of the pluralist nature of Irish society and Irish values.”

Irish Members of Parliament Now Pushing Other Nations to Legalize Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 8/3/18

The Pro Life Campaign has said some TDs appear to be “obsessed” with abortion of late and “are behaving like global cheerleaders for legalised abortion.”

Ireland Court Throws Out Lawsuits Challenging Results of Referendum Legalizing Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 7/20/18

The High Court in Ireland has today denied the request of a number of applicants who were questioning the results of the recent abortion referendum.

Northern Ireland Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit to Overturn Its Abortion Ban
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 6/7/18

The Northern Ireland Supreme Court has rejected a case brought by activists who were trying to have the abortion law there overturned.

What Do Pro-Life People in Ireland Do Now That the Eighth Amendment Has Been Repealed?
Dublin, Ireland | 6/6/18

The taxi driver who drove me to Dublin’s Referendum Count Centre on Saturday was visibly upset as he talked about the loss of the Eighth Amendment, the last remaining protection for the unborn in the Irish Constitution.  Like me, he already knew that a majority of voters had decided to remove the Eighth from the Constitution, opening the door to abortion on demand. He wasn’t a campaigner, or a “zealot”, just a voter.  He told me he voted no because he was afraid repeal of the Eighth would lead to the ending of lives.  Having lived abroad, he’d seen what abortion does to a society and is worried about what will happen here.

Ireland Would Have Abortion Up to Six Months if 8th Amendment Overturned. Vote No
Dublin, Ireland | 5/23/18

Voters will make their own minds up about this referendum. But before we cast our vote we’re entitled to know what it is exactly that we’re being asked to support, and what it is exactly that this will involve

Hundreds Join Rally in Galway, Ireland Against Legalizing Abortion
Galway, Ireland | 4/5/18

Hundreds of supporters of the 8th Amendment came to Galway’s Leisureland this evening to attend the “Stand Up For Life” rally which was organised by LoveBoth.

Ireland’s 8th Amendment Banning Abortions Has Saved 5,000 Babies Every Year
Dublin, Ireland | 12/20/17

The Pro Life Campaign has said that the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment “are presenting their report and recommendations today as though they exhaustively and thoroughly examined the Eighth Amendment. However, the reality is very different. This committee will be remembered as one of the most biased official groups ever to convene in Leinster House.”

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