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When Does Human Life Begin? Here’s Why Viability is the Wrong Answer
Washington, DC | 8/10/18

When we make the Equal Rights Argument, pro-choice people tend to respond with an alternative definition of personhood, usually an attribute that they believe humans must have in order to be considered valuable persons, such as sentience, brain activity, self-awareness, or the ability to feel pain. Typically we respond to these alternative explanations with Timothy Brahm’s Zoo Shooting thought experiment, pointing out that these definitions make at least one of two mistakes: they either allow too many organisms into the equal rights community, like squirrels, or they allow too few humans into the equal rights community, like newborns.

One Thing Every Pastor Can Do to Prevent Abortions in Their Congregation
Washington, DC | 7/2/18

There is a long list of steps pro-life advocates would like to see their pastor take to stop abortion, and, unfortunately, pastors find that list intimidating. They can’t do everything, and they often don’t feel like anything that they can do would actually make a difference. I’d like to suggest one minimal (and not even controversial) leadership decision that pastors can make that is likely to save lives within their congregations.

Should Pro-Life People Shame Women Who Have Had Abortions?
Washington, DC | 8/8/17

The way our society uses the word “shaming” is complicated. In this article I discuss three different types of shaming and how they relate to abortion.

How Can You Do a Better Job Counseling Women Considering Abortion? Here’s Some Tips
Washington, DC | 2/16/17

Every other Tuesday we publish a new episode of the Equipped for Life Podcast, available to everyone who purchases our course, “Equipped for Life: A Fresh Approach to Conversations about Abortion.” Generally these podcast episodes won’t be available to the general public, but we plan on occasionally making exceptions, and we’ve decided to make our 11th episode the first one we make available to everybody.

Will the Pro-Life Movement be Able to Unify After the Presidential Election?
Washington, DC | 10/26/16

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with one of my closest childhood friends. Our conversation quickly turned to the election because he and his wife have been agonizing over what to do with their votes. These are very godly, very pro-life people. They take this decision seriously and are still trying to figure what to do. My guess is that they will probably begrudgingly vote for Trump, and I won’t.

Two Pro-Life Students Spoke With Several Pro-Choice Girls About Abortion. Here’s What Happened
Washington, DC | 5/11/16

I want to share one more dialogue story from our outreach last month at Aquinas College. Two fantastic students from the Students for Life club at University of Michigan, Rachel Crawford and Chloe Alberta, spoke to several pro-choice girls. This is what happened.

Pro-Life People: When Debating Abortion, Avoid This Embarrassingly Common Logical Mistake
Washington, DC | 6/24/15

Don’t you hate it when your honest clarification question is mistaken for the start of a fallacious argument? Almost every time in the last year I’ve talked with pro-choice students at a pro-life outreach, I’ve had an exchange that goes something like this:

Incredible Display With the Bodies of Miscarried Babies Reveals the Humanity of Unborn Children
Washington, DC | 5/22/15

Trigger warning: This post details our experience of going to a museum exhibit that featured preserved bodies of actual miscarried unborn children. None of them were aborted. Their bodies are whole and carefully preserved. Depending on your sensibilities/past experiences, the descriptions and/or pictures of the exhibit that I’ve included may be a trigger for you.

Pro-Choice Reddit Shows Surprising Honesty by Exposing Media Bias Over Feticide Story
Washington, DC | 4/7/15

A woman in Indianapolis was jailed last week for feticide. This is the story of a pro-choice redditor who looked into the details of the conviction and discovered that many media stories about this case are withholding crucial details.

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