Abortions Drop to Lowest Levels Since Roe v. Wade as More Babies are Saved
Washington, DC | 11/30/20

If success is measured by a decline in abortion numbers, the pro-life movement has something to celebrate.

Texas Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Which Kills Unborn Babies and Sells Their Body Parts
Austin, TX | 11/24/20

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled 11-5 that Texas can disqualify Planned Parenthood from the state’s

Joe Biden Wants More Government-Run Health Care That Rations Actual Care for Everyone
Washington, DC | 11/24/20

Outside the U.S. Supreme Court during the contentious confirmation process for now Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Students for Life and SFLAction

Belgium Abandoned Nursing Home Residents During Coronaviurs and Half of Them Died
Brussels, Belgium | 11/23/20

A recent report by the Belgian affiliate of Amnesty International contained an elephant-sized irony that neither Amnesty International nor much

In Oregon You Can Riot and Do Cocaine, But You Can’t Go to Church or Celebrate Thanksgiving
Washington, DC | 11/23/20

In Oregon, you can have cocaine, but not cranberries. Heroin, but no ham. Meth, but not mashed potatoes! Amazingly, a state that just legalized

Joe Biden Can’t Claim He’s a Catholic When He Would Force Americans to Fund Abortions
Washington, DC | 11/23/20

Joe Biden specifically targeted Catholic voters throughout his presidential campaign, with everything from ads about his own Catholic faith to

Georgia Voters Should Support David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, They Both Oppose Abortion
Washington, DC | 11/20/20

While we wait for final vote counts in the race for President and several House races too close to call, it’s clear that the Senate will be

16 Pro-Life Women Were Elected to Congress, 7 Took Seats From Pro-Abortion Democrats
Washington, DC | 11/20/20

Move over, Nancy Pelosi: Pro-life women are driving the new Republican surge in Congress – an unmistakable rebuke to Democrats’ radical abortion

Remember When the UN Declared Unborn Babies Should be Protected?
Washington, DC | 11/20/20

I do. Well, I wasn’t around then, but I teach about this shocking truth in many of my speaking events, especially in colleges and universities.

Trump and Pence Have Been a Solid Pro-Life Team. Here’s What They’ve Accomplished
Washington, DC | 11/19/20

When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, many in the pro-life community were skeptical about his commitment to the sanctity of

This Cute Boy Was Saved in the Middle of the Abortion When His Mom Changed Her Mind
Washington, DC | 11/18/20

A little boy named Zechariah recently had a very special day. Late last month Zechariah celebrated his seventh birthday.

Joe Biden Wants to Codify Roe v. Wade to Permanently Keep Abortions Legal Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 11/18/20

Assuming Joe Biden is chosen as president next month by the Electoral College, he will pose a problem for the bishops. Indeed, the head of the

Coronavirus Vaccines Should Not be Made Using Cells From Babies Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 11/17/20

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to us all—medical, ethical, societal. It has also intensified and sharpened the focus of some ongoing