Pro-Life Students Nationwide Will Wear Pro-Life T-Shirts to Stand Against Abortion
Washington, DC | 4/14/21

It was 1913 when the U.S. Navy began issuing t-shirts to sailors to wear under their uniforms. Seven years later, in his novel This Side of

Mother Changed Her Mind, Saved Her Baby From Abortion: “I Love Her With All My Heart”
Washington, DC | 4/13/21

A young woman who felt like she had no choice took the abortion pill and had immediate regret. But her local pregnancy help organization was

Joe Biden Just Allowed Mailing Women Abortion Pills to Kill More Babies in Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/13/21

In a development which surprised absolutely no one, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday “suspended” regulations on the

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Don’t Care if Abortion Pills Kill Women
Washington, DC | 4/13/21

Today the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced they will not enforce longstanding safety precautions that require doctors to

This Pastor Went to the Supreme Court to Stop Government From Locking Down Churches. He Won
Washington, DC | 4/12/21

Jeremy Wong has never been all that interested in politics. The young associate pastor at Orchard Community Church always tried to keep his focus

Democrats Lie About Abortion to Try to Make Americans Fund Killing Babies
Washington, DC | 4/12/21

Before her retirement last year, former congresswoman and House Appropriations Committee chair Nita Lowey (D., N.Y.) said it was her “fervent

Pregnant Abortionist Feels Her Baby Kick As She Tears Off Leg in an Abortion
Washington, DC | 4/9/21

An article written by David Daleiden & Jon Shields that appeared in The Weekly Standard discussed the phenomena of abortionists and clinic

Things That Were Considered Wrong are Now Right, and Right are Now Wrong. But Christians Can Persevere
Washington, DC | 4/9/21

It’s easy to think that the story of the last several decades, at least as it comes to Christianity and society, is the story of moral shifting.

Joe Biden Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood is a Disgrace to Humanity
Washington, DC | 4/9/21

It should come as no surprise that the Biden Administration is reversing the Trump Administration’s Title X policies. Our actions ensured that

Kamala Harris Says “Real People” Support Gun Control. She Supports Killing Real People in Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/8/21

Vice President Kamala Harris praised President Joe Biden for taking executive action on gun control Thursday, saying “real people” from all

Joe Biden Wants to Ban Guns, But Not Abortions That Have Killed 62 Million People
Washington, DC | 4/8/21

Joe Biden's message to America today was more gun control and he condemned the violence associated with guns that takes the lives of too many

The Pro-Abortion “Equality Act” Will Erase Your Religious Freedom
Washington, DC | 4/6/21

The U.S. Congress has taken one step closer to ending religious protections—and medical judgment for health professionals—on gender issues,

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want ERA Approved to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right
Washington, DC | 4/6/21

When President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office, there was a grand celebration by pro-abortion groups. They see the Biden-Harris