94% of Doctors in Belgium Favor Killing Newborn Babies After Birth if They’re Disabled
Washington, DC | 9/18/20

Last month, without much fanfare, a new research paper disclosed that 94 percent of Belgian physicians support the killing of new-born babies

Pro-Abortion Democrat Presidents are Not Responsible for Any Decline in Abortions
Washington, DC | 9/17/20

Every presidential election year, Democrats pull out all the stops to “explain” how pro-lifers can, in good conscience, vote for pro-abortion

President Trump is “The Most Pro-Life President Since Roe Was Handed Down in 1973”
Washington, DC | 9/17/20

There is so much going on today I’m offering five quotes and brief commentaries about them as we look ahead to the November 3 General Election

Joe Biden’s Campaign Slogan “Build Back Better” is a Mantra Used By Radical Pro-Abortion Groups
Washington, DC | 9/16/20

Joe Biden’s campaign slogan and policy agenda for president of the United States, “build back better,” includes unprecedented abortion

Just One Pregnancy Center Saved 575 Babies From Abortion, There are Thousands Nationwide
Washington, DC | 9/16/20

Recently I attended an event that was “very 2020”—a virtual celebration of the work of a local pregnancy resource center.

Trump Has Tied Biden in Key Battleground States, Which Probably Means He’s Leading
Washington, DC | 9/15/20

Readers seemed to like this format for updates on the election: start with representative quotes and then fill in the details. Here we go…

No Other Political Issue is More Important Than the Killing of 62 Million Babies in Abortion
Washington, DC | 9/15/20

It is difficult to think of any issue in America today that comes even close to the devastation of abortion.

Unborn Babies are Human Beings Who Have a Right to Live
Washington, DC | 9/14/20

Human embryos and fetuses are living human organisms. They are members of the species Homo sapiens at the earliest stages of their lives.

Trump Doing 21% Better With Hispanics in 2020, Latinos Will Help Him Defeat Joe Biden
Washington, DC | 9/14/20

With exactly 50 days to go until the General Election, here are four revealing tidbits to start the week off. A warning. Although the last item

Liberal Media Defends “Cuties,” Say Critics of Netflix Show are Just “Afraid of Child Sexuality”
Washington, DC | 9/14/20

Several big name publications have decided to go on defense for a Netflix movie that hypersexualizes little girls. And to think, some of us are

President Trump Took Action Against Communist China and Its Forced Abortion Policies
Washington, DC | 9/11/20

The phrase easily rolls off the tongue. “We have the most pro-life president ever.” But what does that actually mean when it comes to protecting

If You’re Sick and Tired of Babies Dying in Abortion You Must Vote Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 9/10/20

We frequently hear the question, “Does it really matter if I vote?  Nothing ever seems to change.”  Or, “Elections aren’t going to