Americans Now Have More Dogs Than Kids Because So Few People are Having Children
Washington, DC | 12/5/19

We’ve reached a barking point in American history. (Yeah, I’m sorry for that one.) A few years ago, for the first time ever, the number of

Chick-fil-A Donates to Pro-Abortion Organization Calling Pro-Lifers “Hate Groups”
Washington, DC | 12/3/19

It is a truism that a blackmailer is rarely satisfied. Once the payoffs start, there often is no end to them.

Why Do We Still Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research That Exploits Babies and Hasn’t Cured Any Patients?
Washington, DC | 12/3/19

I certainly don’t recommend the cartoon “Family Guy,” but in a 2012 episode the main character, Peter Griffin, has a stroke that paralyzes

Abortion is Not Only a Sin Against Life, It is a Sin Against Hope
Washington, DC | 12/2/19

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Chick-fil-A Now Funds Pro-Abortion Groups That Work With Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem
Washington, DC | 11/26/19

There’s a lot of talk about Chick-fil-A. Most of it is generated by the #fakenews establishment that wants nothing more than to demonize an

67% of Babies With Down Syndrome Die in Abortions. This Must End
Washington, DC | 11/22/19

While countries like Iceland have grossly celebrated the eradication of individuals with Down syndrome from their society (eugenics as its worst)

Democrats Want to “Codify” Roe v. Wade: Abortion on Demand, Up to Birth, Funded by Taxpayers
Washington, DC | 11/22/19

Although it took a while, as anticipated, Wednesday night’s debate between ten pro-abortion Democrats running to be their party’s presidential

I Left England Because of Socialized Medicine. My Life Depended on It
Washington, DC | 11/21/19

Imagine strapping your infant child into a car seat, only to see his body suddenly jerk forward or backward, arms and legs stiffening, and eyes

On Abortion, Democrats Want an America Where Mothers Can Rock Their Newborns to Death
Washington, DC | 11/21/19

Barack Obama knows a thing or two about winning elections. So when the former president warns you that your campaign is out of touch, most people

Every Democrat in Tonight’s Presidential Debate Supports Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 11/20/19

In recent weeks, there have been changes in the number of Democrat candidates running for president to challenge pro-life President Donald J.

Euthanasia Activists Celebrate 25 Years of Assisted Suicide in Oregon and Thousands of Dead People
Washington, DC | 11/19/19

Proponents of assisted suicide are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Measure 16, the Oregon referendum that, for the first time in the modern

Woman Who Regrets Her Abortion: “I Wish I Could Turn Back the Clock”
Washington, DC | 11/19/19

One postabortion woman says:

Feminist Reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” Flops, Pro-Abortion Elizabeth Banks Gripes About Sexist Men
Washington, DC | 11/19/19

Radical pro-abortion activist Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot was a huge flop over the weekend with the $50 million movie coming