The Abuse Pro-Lifers Suffered From Brian Sims is Nothing Compared to the Suffering of Babies in Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/10/19

I suggested on Twitter just this past Monday that we should have a huge rally here at this planned parenthood, where our pro-life brothers and

Abortion Activists Have Crossed the Line From Disagreeing With Pro-Lifers to Violence
Washington, DC | 5/10/19

The violence that many people mourn in the womb seems to have permeated the abortion debate, as one dehumanizing act leads to another. Just

After Denying a Vote on the Born Alive Bill 38 Times the Only Conclusion is Nancy Pelosi Supports Infanticide
Washington, DC | 5/9/19

Whether pro-life or pro-choice, we should be able to agree that if a baby survives an abortion, they deserve the same attention and life-saving

She Survived an Abortion, Now She Saves Babies From Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/9/19

It was just last month that the House failed to pass a bill protecting babies who survive an abortion attempt. Our executive editor, Rob Bluey,

1,221,585 College Graduates are Missing This Year, Because They Were Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/8/19

The college admissions scandal that has ensnared two popular American actresses and many other wealthy parents continues to garner headlines.

Trump Is Right. Babies Born Alive in Failed Abortions Are Executed
Washington, DC | 5/6/19

At a rally in the key swing state of Wisconsin this past Saturday, President Trump took another opportunity to expose the Democratic Party’s

Andrew Cuomo Challenged to See Ultrasounds Today of Babies He Legalized Killing in Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 5/4/19

Four-dimensional ultrasound imaging is the most powerful witness to the ­humanity of the unborn child.

Oregon Bill Would Help Those Who Euthanize Patients to Escape Prosecution
Salem, OR | 5/3/19

I have analyzed legislative proposals on end-of-life issues for almost four decades, and I now live in Washington state which, like Oregon, has

New York Times Writer Defends Killing Babies in Infanticide: It’s Just “Forgoing Medical Intervention”
Washington, DC | 5/1/19

"No, we're not -- you are!" So far, that seems to sum up the far-Left's best defense against President Trump. In the infanticide debate, where

College Students Try to Shut Down Pro-Life Speaker With Smokebomb. They Failed
Washington, DC | 4/30/19

Liberal activists just hate it when people can speak freely. Those who incessantly accuse others of “hate speech” are, themselves, haters

Fake News Media Repeatedly Lies About President Trump on Abortion, Infanticide. Here’s The Truth
Washington, DC | 4/30/19

When President Donald J. Trump made comments regarding late-term abortion and infanticide at his recent rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he kicked

Reforming Texas’s “Ten Day Rule:” Texas Hospitals Should Not Intentionally End the Lives of Their Patients
Austin, TX | 4/30/19

Terri Schiavo was my sister, but she also came to be a symbol of both the right to life movement and right to die movement. Terri was a disabled

Democrats Can’t be Bothered to Stop Infanticide: “We Have All Sorts of Other Issues to Deal With”
Washington, DC | 4/29/19

It was a surreal segment of the Friday morning news. Just over the border in Columbia, Maryland, Fox 5 reporters were on the scene of a grisly