Ryan Bomberger

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It’s Time for the Super Bowl to Drop the Sex and Politics and Become Appropriate for Families
Washington, DC | 2/4/20

The NFL clearly has multiple personality disorder. It just released its new Inspire Change “social justice” initiative, but those few million dollars would be better spent on Inspiring Common Sense.

Obama Said “God Bless Planned Parenthood,” But Christianity Today Wants Trump Impeached Instead
Washington, DC | 12/20/19

Christianity Today—which relies on the name of its founder Billy Graham but increasingly not his wisdom or character—has called for the removal of President Donald Trump because of his “immoral behavior.” The Editor in Chief, Mark Galli, was not ambiguous in this proclamation: “Trump Should Be Removed From Office.” Well, we don’t remove Presidents for mere immoral behavior. That would’ve required the removal of all of them. There’s a reason why the Constitution is the Law of the Land and not our subjective and misapplied understanding of Scripture.

Chick-fil-A Now Funds Pro-Abortion Groups That Work With Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem
Washington, DC | 11/26/19

There’s a lot of talk about Chick-fil-A. Most of it is generated by the #fakenews establishment that wants nothing more than to demonize an organization that, historically, has publicly professed its Christian faith that is inseparable from its business practices.

New Children’s Book “Pro-Life Kids” Powerfully Illustrates How Every Human Life Has Value
Washington, DC | 11/15/19

Bethany Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation and homeschooling mother of four children—both biological and adopted. She’s the author of a brand new adorably illustrated children’s book called "Pro-Life Kids."

Facebook and the Pro-Abortion NAACP Both Oppose Pro-Life Free Speech
Washington, DC | 10/28/19

The NAACP has forgotten its history. Apparently, free speech is no longer a civil right. Who knew?

The American Medical Association’s Extreme Abortion Activism Isn’t Shocking. Here’s Why
Washington, DC | 10/11/19

We unfairly give way too much authority and credibility to medical associations. They’re comprised of people who are no more moral or ethical than the rest of the human race. Heinous acts have been committed in the name of “medical science” throughout history: Shark IslandTuskegee Syphilis ExperimentNazi Science ExperimentsGosnell’s Supercoil ExperimentPuerto Rico Birth Control ExperimentPhiladelphia Prison ExperimentsChildren with Cerebral Palsy at Sonoma State HospitalUniversity of Iowa ‘Monster Study’, and so many more.

Planned Parenthood President Defends Racist Abortion Biz Founder Margaret Sanger
Washington, DC | 9/23/19

Denial. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business. And Planned Parenthood’s newest President—Alexis McGill Johnson—knows it. She oversees the $2 billion leading killer of unborn black lives (an estimated 247 per day) but wants to conjure up some fake history about the prolife movement being founded in racism.

Planned Parenthood Kills 247 Black Babies Every Day, But the Media Calls White Pro-Lifers Racist
Washington, DC | 9/3/19

I’m black. And white. I’m “biracial.” So was Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist.

Five Reasons Planned Parenthood is Fake Feminism
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

Ok. I realize that listing only five points eliminates thousands of other really good reasons, they serve as powerful reminders. Planned Parenthood, contrary to their victimhood tweets, opted out of #TitleX funding because abortion is more important to them than their “family planning” patients. Planned Parenthood President, Alexis McGill Johnson, confirmed with CBS (prior to the defunding) that she voted along with the organization’s board to “ensure that abortion was one of our core services that every center affiliated with Planned Parenthood would provide.”

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