Malta Betrays its Pro-Life Values By Approving Freezing of Human Embryos
Valleta, Malta | 6/20/18

Malta has passed new legislation allowing for embryo freezing and gamete donation.

A Simple New 3-Minute Test Could Cut Premature Births in Half and Save More Babies
Washington, DC | 6/11/18

Medical research teams across the world are working on new ways to help protect unborn babies from premature birth.

Father Seen in Public With 2-Year-Old Triples for First Time Since Trying to Pressure Surrogate to Abort One
Washington, DC | 6/5/18

A British tabloid recently captured photos of a Georgia man and his young triplets who are at the center of a massive legal battle about surrogacy

Is It Ever Okay to Treat Life in the Womb or a Test Tube as a Commodity?
Washington, DC | 5/30/18

Advances in technology are changing almost everything about our lives. But it must not change how we understand, and value, human life.

Should Christians Use In-Vitro Fertilization?
Washington, DC | 5/21/18

Sometimes premarital counseling includes conversations about having children. But what about conversations about not being able to have children?

FDA Tells Scientist to Stop Making Three-Parent Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 5/16/18

A Manhattan fertility doctor has stopped creating three-parent embryos for now after receiving a warning letter from the federal government last

Parents 65 and 63 Have Child Via IVF, Social Services Removes Child After Parents Unable to Provide Care
London, England | 5/9/18

Britain’s oldest IVF parents have had their child removed by a government agency after they failed to meet minimum care requirements. The unnamed

Thousands of Pro-Life People March in Malta Against Embryo Freezing and Commercial Surrogacy
Valleta, Malta | 4/23/18

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Valletta yesterday in protest against a a proposed IVF law that would legalise embryo freezing,

This Man Wants to Kill Hundreds of Unborn Children to Help People Find the Perfect Genetically-Engineered Baby
Washington, DC | 4/20/18

Procreation is becoming a matter of manufacturing, engineering, quality control, and other accouterments of industrial control. Babies are already

Woman Discovers Her Father Was Really Her Mother’s Fertility Doctor
Washington, DC | 4/10/18

The genetic testing company has become a leading source for people to track their heritage. However, the company warns that “We

Thousands of Unique Human Beings Die After Fertility Clinic Has Storage Tank Malfunction
Cleveland, OH | 4/4/18

A couple whose frozen embryos were destroyed in a storage tank malfunction could seek action for wrongful death - if a judge rules that an

Adult Stem Cells Help Little Chloe Levine Recover From Cerebral Palsy. Now She Can Run and Jump
Washington, DC | 3/27/18

This week I’m sharing absolutely amazing results with adult stem cells that don’t require killing innocent human life.

Scientists are Genetically Editing Human Beings in Labs and No One is Monitoring Them
Washington, DC | 3/26/18

Scientists are assuming the power of gods. Through CRISPR gene editing, they can — literally — change the nature of any cell and genetically