Scientists Create Monkey-Pig Hybrids for Human Organ Transplants in Controversial Research
Washington, DC | 12/12/19

Scientists announced this week that they successfully created the first monkey-pig hybrid, in a controversial research project teeming with ethical

President Trump Ended Ghoulish Contract to Create “Humanized Mice” Using Aborted Babies
Washington, DC | 12/6/19

This year we scored a massive win in our ongoing fight for life.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under President Trump ended

Why Do We Still Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research That Exploits Babies and Hasn’t Cured Any Patients?
Washington, DC | 12/3/19

I certainly don’t recommend the cartoon “Family Guy,” but in a 2012 episode the main character, Peter Griffin, has a stroke that paralyzes

Court Rules Man’s Ex-Wife Can Kill Their Unborn Children, Destroying Their Frozen Human Embryos
Washington, DC | 11/4/19

A Connecticut court ruled Wednesday against a father seeking to protect his frozen embryos from being destroyed.

New Study: Adult Stem Cells Reverse Progressive Disease Similiar to Multiple Sclerosis
Washington, DC | 10/10/19

A new study published in the journal Neurology found that adult stem cells were successful in treating and reversing neuromyelitis optica,

Scientists Create Miniature Brains From Stem Cells
Washington, DC | 9/17/19

Scientists have created miniature brains from induced pluripotent stem cells that developed functional neural networks. And despite being a million

Ironman Dave Kurtz’s Own Adult Stem Cells Saved His Life. Embryonic Cells Haven’t Cured Any Patients
Washington, DC | 8/19/19

Seven-time Ironman competitor Dave Kurtz is recovering from an autoimmune disease after a successful adult stem cell transplant, a procedure

Woman Received Ancestry DNA Kit and Learned the Man She Thought Was Her Father Wasn’t
Washington, DC | 8/12/19

Rebecca Cartellone received the worst Christmas gift of her life last year – a DNA testing kit from To her dismay, it revealed

Trump Admin Implements More Pro-Life Rules to Stop Research With Aborted Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 7/29/19

The Trump administration introduced additional rules this summer to restrict taxpayer-funded research that uses aborted babies' body parts.

California Embryonic Stem Cell Institute May Shut Down After Spending $3 Billion for Zero Cures
Sacramento, CA | 7/22/19

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has announced that it can no longer accept grant applications. There is no more money

Feminist Writer: Children Shouldn’t “Belong” to Those Whose Genetics They Share
Washington, DC | 7/22/19

Feminism is fracturing. The noisiest debate is between feminists who welcome transwomen into the sisterhood and the so-called TERFs, the trans-exclusionary

When It Comes to IVF, Remember: Frozen Embryos Are People Too
Washington, DC | 7/12/19

Earlier this month a heartbreaking story about an IVF “mix up” was reported. It seems the fertility clinic responsible for handling embryos

Survey Asked 5,577 Biologists When Human Life Begins. 96% Said Conception
Washington, DC | 7/11/19

Abortion is wrong primarily because it kills a unique human being, an unborn baby before birth. And science clearly says that human life begins