Woman Received Ancestry DNA Kit and Learned the Man She Thought Was Her Father Wasn’t
Washington, DC | 8/12/19

Rebecca Cartellone received the worst Christmas gift of her life last year – a DNA testing kit from To her dismay, it revealed

Trump Admin Implements More Pro-Life Rules to Stop Research With Aborted Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 7/29/19

The Trump administration introduced additional rules this summer to restrict taxpayer-funded research that uses aborted babies' body parts.

California Embryonic Stem Cell Institute May Shut Down After Spending $3 Billion for Zero Cures
Sacramento, CA | 7/22/19

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has announced that it can no longer accept grant applications. There is no more money

Feminist Writer: Children Shouldn’t “Belong” to Those Whose Genetics They Share
Washington, DC | 7/22/19

Feminism is fracturing. The noisiest debate is between feminists who welcome transwomen into the sisterhood and the so-called TERFs, the trans-exclusionary

When It Comes to IVF, Remember: Frozen Embryos Are People Too
Washington, DC | 7/12/19

Earlier this month a heartbreaking story about an IVF “mix up” was reported. It seems the fertility clinic responsible for handling embryos

Survey Asked 5,577 Biologists When Human Life Begins. 96% Said Conception
Washington, DC | 7/11/19

Abortion is wrong primarily because it kills a unique human being, an unborn baby before birth. And science clearly says that human life begins

Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm to Impregnate Female Patients
Ottawa, Canada | 7/11/19

A leading Canadian fertility doctor has been formally deregistered for inseminating his patients with his own sperm or the sperm of unknown men.

California Borrowed $3 Billion for Embryonic Stem Cell Research in 2004. It Hasn’t Cured a Single Patient
Sacramento, CA | 7/5/19

Back in 2004, the university-biotech complex and its camp followers in the media and Hollywood convinced California voters to borrow $3 Billion

New Scientific Study Proves Human Life Begins at Conception
Washington, DC | 6/20/19

Human life begins at conception. To quote just one authoritative human embryology textbook:  “Human development begins at fertilisation when

Genetically Engineered Babies Have Higher Mortality Risk
Washington, DC | 6/3/19

Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

Taxpayers Spend $100 Million Funding Research With Aborted Baby Parts, It’s Time to Stop That
Washington, DC | 5/30/19

The United States is the world leader in most areas of science and medicine, yet our current medical establishment is decades behind in its ineffective

“Big Fertility” Makes Billions Mass Producing Human Embryos and Destroying Them in Experiments
Washington, DC | 5/29/19

Early in the 1932 classic, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley conjures a future in which embryos are created through a mass IVF-type process, genetically

Doctors Want Permission to Euthanize Patients to Harvest Their Organs
Washington, DC | 5/24/19

Several weeks ago I wrote about Dr Wes Ely's experiences while attending conferences on organ donation. Ely explains that the topic of euthanasia