Unborn Babies are Killed When Scientists Edit Their Genes for Research
Beijing, China | 11/30/18

The Chinese government has stepped in to halt the work of a rogue scientist who claims to have created the world's first gene edited babies.

After Massive Outcry, China Shuts Down Scientist Who Created First Genetically Altered Babies
Washington, DC | 11/29/18

China has ordered a group of scientists to stop their work on genetically-altered babies in the midst of international outcry.

Scientist Creates Genetically-Engineered Human Baby, Here’s Why This is a Huge Concern
Washington, DC | 11/26/18

CRISPR is the most powerful technology invented since the splitting of the atom — and in many ways, it’s more powerful than that. It is a

New Genetic Test Could Result in Killing Unborn Babies Deemed “Less Intelligent”
London, England | 11/20/18

Genetic tests have long made it possible to screen out embryos with conditions such as cystic fibrosis or Down's syndrome. Now, a new way of

President Trump Names Pro-Life Neurobiology Professor to National Science Board
Washington, DC | 11/19/18

A nationally-recognized scientist who has testified in support of unborn babies is President Donald Trump's new choice for the National Science

Does Life Begin at Conception or Fertilization? The Answer Could Make a Huge Difference
Washington, DC | 11/16/18

A new book by a well-known Kenyan leader and biomedical researcher brings up difficult questions about when life begins and how society treats

Woman Carried Unborn Child in Her Womb, Then Transferred Baby to Another Woman’s Womb
Washington, DC | 11/9/18

Just when you thought life could not get any stranger. Recently, in Texas, two different women carried the same unborn child. Let me repeat that,

Michelle Obama Says She Had a Miscarriage and Used IVF to Conceive Her Daughters
Washington, DC | 11/9/18

Michelle Obama revealed Friday that she suffered a miscarriage and underwent infertility treatments to conceive her daughters.

Mom Wants to Trade Her Unborn Baby Girl For a Boy
Washington, DC | 11/7/18

A frustrated mother turned to the internet recently asking for help to give birth to a son after years of struggling with infertility.

Woman Wants to Meet All 44 of Her Half-Siblings, Fathered by the Same Sperm Donor
Washington, DC | 10/17/18

A recent story in the Washington Post described the story of Kianni Arroyo, who is on a three-year quest to meet all of her half-siblings. It’s

As Doctors Euthanize Patients and Harvest Their Organs, The Hippocratic Oath is Dead
Washington, DC | 9/17/18

The Hippocratic Oath is Dead.

Remember When California Spent $3 Billion for Embryonic Stem Cell Research. It Hasn’t Cured Any Patients
Sacramento, CA | 9/11/18

In 2004 California voted 59% to 41% for Proposition 71, an amendment to the state constitution which would create the California Institute for

Barbra Streisand Spends Thousands to Clone Her Dogs. Is Human Cloning Coming Next?
Washington, DC | 8/29/18

God created man in His image. Are we on the verge of man making man in his own image?