New D.C. Law Could Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Hire Abortion Practitioners
Washington, DC | 7/12/18

Pro-life advocates have raised serious concerns about a new District of Columbia bill that could force pro-life pregnancy centers to hire abortionists

Policeman Finds 5-Month-Old Baby Abandoned in Remote Mountains
Helena, MT | 7/12/18

John Sexton put it perfectly this week. In addition to the spectacular rescue of 12 teenage soccer players and their coach from a cave in Thailand,

More Black Babies in New York City are Killed in Abortions Than Born Alive
New York, NY | 7/12/18

Can you imagine the response of Planned Parenthood or New York’s reliably pro-abortion-to the-max Gov. Andrew Cuomo to this proposal made yesterday

Pro-Life Group Endorses Mike Braun Over Pro-Abortion Joe Donnelly in Indiana Senate Race
Indianapolis, IN | 7/12/18

National Right to Life endorsed pro-life businessman Mike Braun in Indiana's U.S. Senate election. Mike Braun is challenging Sen. Joe Donnelly,

Public University is Hiring a Professor to Teach Students to be Abortion Activists
Portland, Oregon | 7/11/18

Portland State University is advertising for a professor to teach students “reproductive justice” and “social justice activism” – terms

Illinois Forces Taxpayers to Fund More Abortions, $1,358 for Every Baby Killed in Abortion
Springfied, IL | 7/10/18

More unborn babies' abortion deaths are being paid for by Illinois tax dollars this year after the state passed a radical pro-abortion law in

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Order Protecting Abortion, Demands Permanent Abortion Right
Albany, New York | 7/10/18

Already preparing for the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined abortion activists this week to push

New Abortion Clinic Opens Up Next Door to Children’s Daycare Facility
Columbus, Ohio | 7/9/18

A new abortion clinic opened next door to a children's day care facility Monday in Columbus, Ohio, sparking outrage in the neighborhood.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Clinic in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana | 7/9/18

A Planned Parenthood abortion facility is closing in the state of Indiana and it blames pro-life organizations for the closure. The nation's

South Carolina Governor Vetoes Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Columbia, SC | 7/6/18

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster took a bold stance against the abortion industry Friday when he vetoed a health care bill that included tax

Indiana Abortions Increase for First Time in 7 Years After Judge Overturns Key Pro-Life Law
Indianapolis, IN | 7/6/18

Abortions rose for the first time in seven years in Indiana after a federal judge blocked a state ultrasound law.

Manager Tried to Fire Mom Who Couldn’t Come to Work Because Her Son is On Life Support
Detroit, MI | 7/3/18

When a Michigan mom received little compassion at work after her son was placed on life support, she turned to social media.

Arkansas Judge Blocks Law Requiring Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Protect Women’s Health
Little Rock, AR | 7/3/18

A federal judge blocked an Arkansas law Monday that requires Planned Parenthood to be prepared to handle patient emergencies.