Court Ruled Man Can’t be Charged With Shooting Unborn Baby Because Unborn Child is Not a Person
Denver, Colorado | 1/20/20

An appeal before the Colorado Supreme Court last week asked the judges to consider if a man should be convicted of child abuse for injuring an

Man Who Killed His Pregnant Girlfriend Because She Refused Abortion Has Prison Sentence Thrown Out
Niles, Indiana | 1/20/20

An Indiana man who was convicted of murdering his pregnant girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion may not have to serve life in prison.

Indiana Bill Would Ban Abortions, Declare Human Life Begins at Conception
Indianapolis, Indiana | 1/20/20

A new Indiana bill would completely ban abortions by recognizing that human life begins at conception.

Appeals Court Blocks Mississippi Ban on Abortions When Unborn Babies Feel Pain
Jackson, MS | 1/17/20

Mississippi suffered another loss Friday when a federal court refused to hear its appeal in favor of a law to ban abortions after 15 weeks of

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Can be Left to Die Under Massachusetts Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
Boston, Massachusetts | 1/17/20

Massachusetts Catholic bishops are urging people to stand up against the push to legalize abortions up to birth in their state.

Iowa Senate Committee Passes Bill Saying There’s No Right to Kill Babies in Abortions
Des Moines, IA | 1/17/20

An Iowa Senate subcommittee approved a pro-life measure Thursday to make it clear that there is no right to kill unborn babies in abortions.

The Government Approved a Death Certificate Confirming My Son Liam Was Killed in an Abortion
Lincoln, Nebraska | 1/16/20

In a historic act of compassion and justice the Nebraska State Department of Vital Records refused to deny my aborted baby Liam Michael Allen

Kansas Constitutional Amendment Would Say “There is No Right to Abortion”
Topeka, KS | 1/16/20

Kansas pro-life leaders introduced a state constitutional amendment Thursday that could keep their state from becoming the “wild west of the

Georgia Legislator Wants to Stop Women From Seeing Ultrasound of Their Baby Before Abortion
Atlanta, GA | 1/16/20

A Georgia lawmaker would allow the abortion industry to keep women in the dark about their unborn babies through a new bill to weaken state informed

10th Texas City Bans Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn”
Big Spring, Texas | 1/16/20

Ten towns in Texas now have passed pro-life ordinances to ban abortions and protect the rights of unborn babies.

South Carolina Governor Will Sign Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
Columbia, SC | 1/15/20

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster promised Wednesday to sign a bill to protect unborn babies from abortion once their heartbeats are detectable.

Florida Committee Passes Bill Requiring Parental Consent Before Teens Can Get Abortions
Tallahassee, FL | 1/15/20

Florida lawmakers moved forward with a bill Wednesday to require parental consent before an underage girl has an abortion.

Virginia Legislature Passes ERA That Would Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortions
Richmond, VA | 1/15/20

Ignoring a deadline that ended more than three decades ago, the Virginia Senate and state Assembly voted today to ratify the pro-abortion Equal