“Safe, Legal” Abortion Clinic Tears Hole in Woman’s Uterus While Killing Her 24-Week Baby in Abortion
Detroit, Michigan | 7/15/19

Two women were rushed to hospital emergency rooms recently after receiving serious injuries related to botched abortions done at the Scotsdale

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Signs Pro-Life Bill Stopping DNRs Put on Children Without Parental Consent
Jefferson City, MO | 7/12/19

On Thursday, July 11, Governor Parson signed HB 138. This legislation, known as “Simon’s Law” has been a priority of Missouri Right to

Judge Upholds Oklahoma Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions That Tear Off Babies’ Limbs
Oklahoma City, OK | 7/12/19

In a victory for the rights of unborn babies, an Oklahoma judge upheld a state law Friday that bans brutal dismemberment abortions that tear

Doctor Loses Medical License After Attempting to Force Patient to Have Abortion
Jackson, MS | 7/12/19

A Mississippi medical board suspended an OB/GYN's license Wednesday after he was accused of trying to force a patient to abort her unborn baby.

Christian and Jewish Clergy Bless Abortion Clinic, Claim “God is Present in This Space”
Austin, TX | 7/11/19

Calling killing unborn babies “sacred work,” a group of clergy gathered Tuesday to bless an Austin, Texas abortion facility.

Study Claims Teen Males Who Kill Their Babies in Abortions Have a Better Economic Future
Salt Lake City, UT | 7/11/19

Abortions are financially beneficial for fathers, according to a new study from the University of Utah.

South Dakota Abortions Decline as More Babies Saved From Abortion
Pierre, South Dakota | 7/10/19

South Dakota received some good news this week from a report showing the number of abortions fell significantly across the state.

Catholic School Fires Teacher After She Repeatedly Promotes Abortion on Facebook
Columbia, SC | 7/10/19

A South Carolina Catholic school fired one of its teachers in May after it said she publicly supported abortion against school policy.

Thousands Offer to Adopt Baby Girl Who Was Abandoned in a Plastic Bag
Atlanta, GA | 7/10/19

Last month, a family heard crying in the woods outside their home in North Georgia.  After calling the police, the family discovered a baby

California Adopts Planned Parenthood Program Pushing Sex on Kids as Young as 5 or 6
Sacramento, CA | 7/9/19

The California Board of Education implemented progressive sex and gender education curriculum in public schools across the state, regardless,

Kansas Judge Says Abortion Clinic Can’t Kill Babies in Dangerous Telemed Abortions
Topeka, KS | 7/9/19

A Kansas abortion facility stopped killing unborn babies through dangerous telemedicine abortions recently after a judge refused to block state

Planned Parenthood Director Blames Everyone Else for Injuring Women in Botched Abortions
St. Louis, MO | 7/9/19

In their legal effort to stay open in the wake of the Missouri Department of Senior Services’ decision not to renew their abortion facility

Planned Parenthood Closes Arkansas Abortion Facility, Can’t Find a New Building to Kill Babies In
Fayetteville, Arkansas | 7/9/19

An Arkansas Planned Parenthood stopped aborting unborn babies this month because of pro-life advocates' strong presence outside its Fayetteville