Oklahoma Governor Signs Pro-Life Bills to Save Babies From Abortion, Protect Disabled People
Oklahoma City, OK | 5/22/20

Governor Kevin Stitt yesterday signed into law HB 2587, the Nondiscrimination in Health Care Coverage Act. The law, first of its kind in the

Police Arrest Man Who Brutally Assaulted Nursing Home Resident After Horrific Video Goes Viral
Detroit, Michigan | 5/21/20

Police in Detroit, Michigan have arrested a man seen in a viral video filming himself brutally punching and hitting an elderly man who appears

City Slaps “Disorderly Conduct” Citations on Churches for Holding Services
Chicago, IL | 5/21/20

Pastor Cristian Ionescu of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church has received two “disorderly conduct” citations for holding a morning and an

Attackers Burn Church to the Ground After It Defies Lockdown, “I Bet You Stay Home Now Hypokrits”
Holly Springs, Mississippi | 5/21/20

A Mississippi church that is suing to stay open during the coronavirus shutdowns was destroyed by arson Wednesday, according to local officials.

Andrew Cuomo Deflects Blame for Thousands of Nursing Home Deaths: “Ask President Trump”
Albany, New York | 5/21/20

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the order that sealed their fate, but he is now attempting to deflect blame for killing thousands of nursing

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Clinic That Had Been Pushing Abortions for 30 Years
lancaster, Pennsylvania | 5/21/20

The Planned Parenthood abortion chain closed another facility in Pennsylvania this month after pushing abortions on the community for more than

Hundreds Protest Gretchen Whitmer: She Closed Hair Salons and Kept Abortion Clinics Open
Lansing, Michigan | 5/20/20

Wednesday saw another protest at the Michigan capital as state residents' frustration grows with pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Churches Will Defy Governor’s Lockdown, Reopen May 26. If Abortion Clinics Can Open, “Why Can’t We?”
St. Paul, Minnesota | 5/20/20

The Minnesota Catholic Conference and The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod in Minnesota sent Governor Tim Walz separate letters today announcing

Trump Tells Gavin Newsom to Let Churches Reopen: “No Pandemic Exception in the Constitution”
Sacramento, CA | 5/20/20

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has warned California Gov. Gavin Newsom that his plan to reopen the state discriminates against churches

California Gov Gavin Newsom Prohibits Churches From Opening, Lets Abortion Clinics Kill Babies
Sacramento, CA | 5/20/20

California’s plan for reopening the economy discriminates against religious believers, the Department of Justice warned Democratic California

Colorado Voters Should Support the Ballot Measure to Ban Killing Babies in Late-Term Abortions
Denver, Colorado | 5/20/20

This fall, Colorado voters might have the opportunity to use direct democracy protect unborn children.  Colorado currently has no gestational

Father Loses Paternity of Child After Saying He’d Pay to Kill the Baby in an Abortion
Atlanta, GA | 5/19/20

In its ruling on a child custody case Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court found it significant that the child's biological father offered to pay

New York Health Dept Admits Concealing Nursing Home Deaths After Andrew Cuomo Faced Criticism
Albany, New York | 5/19/20

The New York State Department of Health’s quiet switch to a reporting method that undercounts deaths of nursing home and other long-term care