Illinois is Killing More Babies in Abortions After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
Springfied, IL | 12/5/19

Illinois is becoming the abortion destination of the Midwest as state lawmakers pass increasingly radical pro-abortion laws.

Ohio Health Dept Director Who Allowed Clinic to Abort Babies Up to Birth is Former Obama Activist
Columbus, Ohio | 12/5/19

When Ohio’s pro-life Governor Mike DeWine appointed Dr. Amy Acton to serve as Executive Director of the Ohio Department of Health, he may not

Virginia Democrat’s Bill Would Block Parents From Knowing When Their Daughters Want an Abortion
Richmond, VA | 12/4/19

A new bill in the Virginia legislature would end the requirement that an underage girl receive her parent's consent prior to having an abortion

St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic Hospitalizes 75th Woman Injured in Botched Abortion
St. Louis, MO | 12/4/19

For the 75th time, emergency responders were called to the Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis – the last abortion

Judge Rules State Can’t Stop Pro-Lifers From Reading Bible Outside Abortion Clinic
Des Moines, IA | 12/4/19

Iowa pro-life advocates won a legal victory this fall when a federal judge ruled in favor of their right to free speech outside of abortion facilities

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic May Still be Selling Baby Parts From Aborted Babies
Providence, Rhode Island | 12/3/19

Rhode Island’s sole abortion facility is a high volume Planned Parenthood that has hospitalized two women in the past five months.

Chicago Planned Parenthood Has Injured 12 Women in 20 Months in Botched Abortions
Chicago, IL | 12/3/19

Over the past twenty months, a dozen ambulances have transported abortion patients to hospital emergency rooms from the Near North Planned Parenthood

Premature Baby Given Hours to Live Miraculously Recovers, Look at Him Now
Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 12/3/19

Michelle and Brandon Coyle experienced trauma piled upon trauma when they miscarried their first two unborn babies.

Abortionist in Louisiana May Be Killing Babies in Live Birth Abortions Just Like Kermit Gosnell
Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 12/3/19

A Fifth Circuit Court ruling provides even more concerning details about the Louisiana abortion facility at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court

Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp Names Planned Parenthood Activist Kelly Loeffler to Open Senate Seat
Atlanta, GA | 12/2/19

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who is pro-life, is coming under fire today for selecting a Planned Parenthood activist as his appointee for an open

Hundreds Flood City Council Meeting to Protest New Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility
Port St. Lucie, Florida | 11/27/19

Hundreds of concerned Florida residents protested peacefully Monday against plans to open a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in their

Michigan County Forces Taxpayers to Give $100,000 to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Lansing, Michigan | 11/26/19

Though Planned Parenthood is reporting record revenues and its patient numbers are down, some government leaders still are insisting on giving

Woman Was Bleeding So Badly After Botched Abortion the Clinic Couldn’t Stop It
Cherry Hill, New Jersey | 11/26/19

A New Jersey abortion facility, the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, called 911 on November 14, 2019, for a 21-year old abortion patient that was