Gallup Poll: Americans More Dissatisfied With Pro-Abortion Laws Than Ever Before
Washington, DC | 1/22/20

Last year, new York made headlines with a devastating new law that legalized abortions up to birth and infanticide. Vermont followed suit with

Thousands of College Students Will Join March for Life: “Abortion is an Evil That Claims Millions of Lives”
Washington, DC | 1/22/20

College students throughout the United States will take bus trips up to 24 hours long as they head to the nation’s capital to “bring awareness

President Donald Trump Declares January 22nd “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”
| 1/22/20

Today, the majority of Americans who are pro-life are mourning 47 years of legalized abortion under Roe v Wade. President Donald Trump today

AOC Claims Democrats are “Center-Conservative,” But They Support Abortion and Infanticide
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be one of the most radical left-wing members of the Democratic Party, but Democrat leaders are far from conservative.

Ironic Planned Parenthood Ad: Abortion is “a Matter of Life and Death”
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

Tip of the hat to the always thoughtful Secular Pro-Life for a post deconstructing a new Planned Parenthood video ad. The 1:18 video runs under

Planned Parenthood Sponsored the Pro-Abortion Women’s March and It Was Smaller Than Ever
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

Planned Parenthood's sponsorship did little to help the rapidly dwindling Women's March in 2020.

NFL Player Ben Watson Making Pro-Life Documentary to “Unveil the Truth About Abortion”
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

When he is not playing football, New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson spends a lot of his time advocating for unborn babies.

President Trump “Has Done More for the Pro-Life Movement Than Any President”
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

The president of the upcoming March for Life was effusive in her praise for President Donald Trump in a recent interview, saying he has "done

Over 500,000 Pro-Life People Will March for Life, 50 Times More Than the Pro-Abortion Women’s March
Washington, DC | 1/21/20

About half a million people are expected to travel to Washington, D.C. on Friday for the annual March for Life.

Professors at a “Catholic” University “Outraged” Over Screening of Pro-Life Movie “Unplanned”
Washington, DC | 1/20/20

More than 40 Catholic university professors expressed outrage Wednesday after their Campus Ministry hosted a recent screening of the pro-life

When Told Abortion Kills More Women Than Anything, Abortion Activists Say “They Don’t Count”
Washington, DC | 1/20/20

What is the greatest killer of females in the United States?

OBGYN Says Abortion is Not Health Care: “Women Deserve to Know the Truth”
Washington, DC | 1/20/20

Pro-life leaders and doctors spoke out against a study showing women do not regret abortion, saying the study’s funders are “deeply entangled

Nancy Pelosi Says She Impeached President Trump “for the Children,” But Supports Abortion Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 1/20/20

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an appearance on the new season of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night, and was greeted by a raucous