Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg: “You’re Not Free” if You Can’t Kill Your Baby in Abortion
Washington, DC | 3/25/19

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is gaining momentum in the early presidential state of Iowa. The South Bend, Indiana mayor is

167 Babies Saved From Abortion During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign, So Far
Washington, DC | 3/25/19

It’s another saved baby Monday! As we reach the halfway point of this 40 Days for Life campaign, we know of …167 babies saved from abortion

President of Pro-Abortion Southern Poverty Law Center Resigns After Sexual Harassment Scandal
Washington, DC | 3/23/19

Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen resigned Friday, in the latest blow to the embattled left-wing nonprofit. Cohen’s resignation

Planned Parenthood CEO Denies Babies are Born Alive After Abortions: “There’s No Such Thing as Infanticide”
Washington, DC | 3/23/19

Planned Parenthood's new president lashed out this week against Republicans' efforts to protect babies born alive after botched abortions from

Sick New Video Game Has Donald Trump Shooting People at Abortion Clinics
Washington, DC | 3/23/19

A sick new video game allows players to shoot people at abortion clinics while playing characters such as President Donald Trump and even Jesus

Trump Speaks Up for Right to Life of Children with Down Syndrome: “We Will Always Stand for Life”
Washington, DC | 3/22/19

President Donald Trump invited children with Down syndrome and their families to the White House on Thursday to celebrate World Down Syndrome

CNN Host Praises Abortion Biz, Says Planned Parenthood CEO is a “Badass”
Washington, DC | 3/22/19

Dr. Leana Wen got a hero’s welcome on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on March 21. Noah gushed that Wen, who has now been the president of

Pro-Abortion Cory Booker: Trump’s Policies “Literally” Could “Cause People’s Death”
Washington, DC | 3/22/19

Pro-abortion Democrat Cory Booker complained that Republican pro-life policies are “literally” causing “people's death” this week as

Democrats Warn Their Party: You’re Alienating Voters By Pushing Abortions Up to Birth
Washington, DC | 3/22/19

Democratic politicians face pressure from party leaders and powerful lobbying groups to support radical left-wing policies, including late-term

President Trump Issues Executive Order to Protect Pro-Life Conservative Free Speech on College Campuses
| 3/22/19

In a highly anticipated ceremony on Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order directing the government to take action in protecting

She Was Jailed After Working at Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic, Now She’s a Pro-Life Christian
Washington, DC | 3/21/19

Adrienne Moton saw horrors that few can imagine.

Republican Bill Would Stop Liberals From Packing Supreme Court With Left-Wing Judges
Washington, DC | 3/21/19

A lawmaker from Tennessee plans to introduce a bill in Congress to keep the Supreme Court at nine justices amid efforts by some Democrats to

CNN Still Hasn’t Told Viewers Nicholas Sandmann is Suing It for $275 Million for Defamation
Washington, DC | 3/21/19

CNN still has yet to report on the now week-old lawsuit filed against them by lawyers for Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann.