She Worked for a Late-Term Abortionist, But God Changed Her Heart and Now She’s Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Julie Wilkinson considered herself to be a Christian when she worked for late-term abortionist Warren Hern. And when she quit his Colorado abortion

Richard Dawkins Defends Eugenics: Could Easily be Used to “Breed Humans”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Famed British biologist, professor and author Richard Dawkins caused wide-spread outrage Sunday on Twitter when he defended the effectiveness

Baptist Minister: Killing Babies in Abortion Should be a “Religious Right”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Killing an unborn child never has and never will be acceptable in Judaeo-Christian religions. But there are those who are trying to usurp and

Mike Bloomberg Told Pregnant Employee to Get Rid of Her Baby in an Abortion: Just “Kill It”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire businessman, Michael Bloomberg told his pregnant employee to “kill it” after she disclosed

Pete Buttigieg Celebrates Woman Killing Her Baby in an Abortion. Her Story “Lifts Us Up”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Mayor Pete celebrated the death of an unborn baby Sunday with abortion activists in Nevada.

Pete Buttigieg Says Americans Should be Forced to Fund Killing Babies in Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Pete Buttigieg wants to force American taxpayers to pay for the killing of unborn babies, not only in America but all across the world.

Disgusting Web Site Tells Women: How to Kill Your Baby in an Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Abortion activists are encouraging women to have dangerous self-induced abortions.

Members of Congress Have Moment of Silence for Thousands of Babies Killed in Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/14/20

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) this week led the House of Representatives in a moment of silence for the 2,411 unborn children whose remains were

Instagram Censors Pro-Life Post to Stop Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 2/14/20

Leading pro-life groups have been fighting social media censorship for years, with Facebook, Twitter and even newer social media platforms like

Franklin Graham Applauds Pastor Who Upset Democrats By Praying Against Abortion: “He Has Guts”
Richmond, VA | 2/14/20

Franklin Graham praised a Virginia pastor for having the bravery to pray for unborn babies in front of pro-abortion state lawmakers earlier this

AOC Teaming Up With Abortion Activists to Take Out One of the Last Pro-Life Democrats in Congress
Washington, DC | 2/14/20

Pro-life Democrats soon could become a thing of the past as influential party members work to oust the last remaining politicians who stand for

Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar Voted Against Bill to Stop Infanticide, They’ll Do It Again Next Week
Washington, DC | 2/14/20

One year ago this month, Senate Democrats blocked a request by Republicans to vote on a bill that would stop infanticide and provide medical

New York Times Writer Endorses Mike Bloomberg, Praises His Radical Pro-Abortion Views
Washington, DC | 2/14/20

You know politics have gotten weird when a liberal New York Times columnist begs Democrat voters to abandon Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in favor