French Parliament Defeats Radical Bill to legalize Euthanasia
Paris, France | 4/12/21

A bill to legalize euthanasia in France last week failed to pass after stiff opposition in the French Parliament.

Woman Found Dead in Her Apartment After She Took Abortion Pills
Lagos, Nigeria | 4/12/21

A 38-year-old pregnant woman was found dead in her home Sunday in Nigeria, likely from abortion drugs that she took to abort her unborn baby.

Mexico Catholic Church Condemns Abortion: “Stand for the Defense of the Life of Every Human Being”
Mexico City, Mexico | 4/12/21

Catholic Church leaders in Mexico urged voters to “stand for the defense” of unborn babies as they prepare to vote in the national election

Premature Twins Given 50% Chance of Surviving are Now Healthy and Happy
London, England | 4/9/21

Premature twins Billie and Bonnie, from Scotland, were born four months premature and were given only a 50/50 chance of survival. Nineteen months

Joe Biden Won’t Boycott 2022 Olympics Despite China’s Genocide, Forced Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/7/21

The State Department backed off reports that it was considering a joint boycott of the 2022 Olympic Games, which are set to take place in Beijing,

Police Raid, Shut Down Church for Violating Lockdown Order, But Abortion Clinics Can Keep Killing Babies
Edmonton, Alberta | 4/7/21

Supposedly for the purpose of saving lives, authorities in Canada are erecting a fence around an Alberta church that held Easter services last

Doctor Pressures Mother to Abort Her Disabled Baby, But She Refuses
London, England | 4/7/21

Nora Sullivan, a writer at The Heritage Foundation, has described how, recently, a close friend was repeatedly pressured to abort her son after

Court Allows Woman to Kill Her 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby in Abortion
New Delhi, New Zealand | 4/6/21

A viable, late-term unborn baby who is capable of feeling pain may be killed this week after a court in India granted the mother's request for

Top Vatican Cardinal: Catholic Church Supports a “Total Rejection of Abortion”
The Vatican | 4/6/21

Christians have been committed to a “total reject of abortion” since the church began, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Doctors Said Premature Baby With Feet the Size of a Penny Would Never Walk, But She’s Doing Great
London, England | 4/6/21

A girl born two days after the abortion limit is now flourishing and attending primary school.

2,500 Cars Join “Caravan for Life” to Oppose Abortion in Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | 4/2/21

Over 2,400 vehicles participated in the Dominican Republic’s “March for Life” in protest to the proposed introduction of abortion into

Premature Twins Separated at Birth Cuddle and Hold Hands After They’re Reunited
London, England | 4/2/21

Twins born prematurely have been reunited for the first time after being separated at birth.

Biden Admin Pushes Abortion at UN, Promotes “Sexual Rights” for Children
New York, NY | 4/2/21

(C-Fam) EU and U.S. diplomats accused their counterparts from pro-family countries of turning against women’s rights and of acting in bad faith