Trump Administration Confirms: “There is No Right to Abortion”
Washington, DC | 5/19/20

Hours after President Donald Trump threatened to quit the World Health Organization, the U.S. rejected abortion language in the World Health

Teens Charged With Killing Pregnant Cow and Her Unborn Calf, Killing Babies in Abortions is Perfectly Legal
London, England | 5/19/20

A group of British teens are facing charges for allegedly chasing a pregnant cow until she and her unborn calf died earlier this month.

Trump Admin Slams UN for Promoting Abortion in Response to Coronavirus
New York, NY | 5/18/20

The Trump administration slammed the United Nations on Monday for trying to “intimidate” pro-life countries into legalizing abortion on demand

UN Refuses to Send Coronavirus Funds to Pro-Life Nation Unless It Legalizes Abortions
Washington, DC | 5/18/20

The United Nations is using coronavirus aid to pressure Ecuador to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions, pro-life leaders in the

Abortion Clinic Nurse is “Passionate” About Killing Babies in Abortions, Especially During Coronavirus
London, England | 5/18/20

Alex Nommay, a British nurse, believes it is her job to protect her patients during the coronavirus, even when it means putting her own health

Abortion Activists Vandalize Catholic Ministry. Smash Windows, Spraypaint “Pro-Choice” on Walls
Salzburg, Austria | 5/14/20

Radical abortion activists are accused of smashing the windows of a Catholic ministry and spray-painting its vehicles with the phrase “pro-choice”

Sweden Will Spend $2 Million Promoting Abortions in African Countries That Need PPE and Ventilators
Stockholm, Sweden | 5/14/20

The Swedish government have announced that during the Coronavirus pandemic they will be providing $2 million towards promoting abortion in developing

Police Seize Blood-Stained Sheets, Pills and Painkillers After Abortion Pill Kills Woman
Mumbai, India | 5/13/20

A 32-year-old woman in India has been found dead after using chemical abortion drugs in an attempt to terminate an early pregnancy.

Woman Drowned Her 1-Year-Old Baby Because the Baby “Ruined My Life”
Lagos, Nigeria | 5/13/20

Police said a Nigerian woman admitted to drowning her 1-year-old daughter earlier this month because the child was getting in the way of her

Abortion Pill Kills 32-Year-Old Woman and Her 6-Week-Old Unborn Baby
Mumbai, India | 5/12/20

A woman in India died along with her unborn baby earlier this month after taking abortion drugs at home, according to police.

Abortion Business Gets Millions in Donations From Porn Tycoon Exploiting Women and Girls
London, England | 5/11/20

Abortion giant, Marie Stopes International (MSI) the Mail on Sunday reports, has accepted millions of pounds worth of funding from notorious

Baby With Spina Bifida Had Surgery in the Womb After Parents Rejected Abortion. Now She’s Walking
Washington, DC | 5/6/20

Elouise Simpson’s parents were told to end her life in abortion; today she is alive and well—and even walking!  Elouise was diagnosed before

Woman With Down Syndrome Slams Abortions on Babies Who Have It, Our Lives “Have Value”
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 5/6/20

A young woman with Down syndrome recently urged Northern Ireland lawmakers to protect unborn babies with disabilities from discrimination.