Abortion Activists Threaten Pro-Life Legislators: “I’ll Slit Your Throat” if You Vote Against Abortion
New South Wales, Australia | 8/15/19

Australian police charged two men this week with making violent threats against New South Wales lawmakers who oppose a radical pro-abortion bill.

Euthanasia Activist Creates Video “Service” Allowing Him to Watch People Kill Themselves
Sydney, Australia | 8/14/19

Dr Phillip Nitschke, inventor of the suicide pod, which gasses patients to death, has created a video service so he can watch people kill themselves

Pro-Life Lawmakers Face Death Threats After Voting Against Bill for Abortions Up to Birth
New South Wales, Australia | 8/14/19

Two Australian government leaders received death threats this week after opposing a bill allowing unborn babies to be aborted for basically any

Man Divorces His Wife Because She Refused to Kill Their Baby in an Abortion
New Delhi, India | 8/12/19

Abortion often is framed as a women's rights issue, a matter of equality and freedom. But stories like a recent report from India indicate that

Abortion Activists Smash Christian Man’s Window After He Posts “Pray to End Abortion” Sign
London, England | 8/12/19

A British man had a window in his home smashed this summer shortly after he set up a “Pray to End Abortion” sign.

Parents Reject Aborting Their Son Christopher Even Though They Knew He’d be Severely Disabled
Canberra, Australia | 8/12/19

Christopher likely will never be able to walk or talk, but his parents knew that those were not good reasons for ending his life in an abortion.

Professor Wants New “Contraceptive Revolution” But Populations are Falling in Many Developed Nations
Washington, DC | 8/12/19

A leading fertility researcher has called for “a new contraceptive revolution” in the New England Journal of Medicine. Deborah J. Anderson,

Doctor Cleared of Wrongdoing After Sneaking Into Nursing Home to Euthanize Patient
Vancouver, British Columbia | 8/9/19

In January 2018, an Orthodox Jewish Care Home filed a complaint against euthanasia doctor, Ellen Wiebe, for sneaking into the Home and killing

Lawmaker Chokes Back Tears as He Speaks Against Abortion: “We Should Care for Mother and Child”
Wellington, New Zealand | 8/8/19

A young New Zealand father and lawmaker held back tears this week as he urged his fellow MPs to vote against a bill legalizing abortions for

New Zealand Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth Passes First Vote
Wellington, New Zealand | 8/8/19

A New Zealand bill that would allow unborn babies to be aborted up to birth passed a first vote in parliament Thursday despite strong public

Abortion Business Marie Stopes International Makes Over $361 Million Killing Babies in Abortions Worldwide
London, England | 8/8/19

Marie Stopes International, a British-based abortion chain fraught with scandals, made more than $361 million killing unborn babies last year

Pregnant Mother of Two Hangs Herself One Day After Seeking Abortion
London, England | 8/7/19

Welsh authorities are investigating the suicide of a young mother who was found dead just one day after she asked her doctor for an abortion.

Trump Admin Stands Up for Unborn Babies at the UN, Abortion Activists Come Unhinged
Washington, DC | 8/7/19

Pro-abortion NGOs, along with pro-abortion activists serving in key UN positions, have been following a 'battle cry' to "push back" against what