Woman Illegally Bought Abortion Pills to Give to Her 15 Year-Old Daughter to Kill Her Baby
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 9/20/18

In the next stage of the assault on Northern Ireland's pro-life laws, a woman who illegally purchased abortion pills online is challenging the

Ireland Overturns All Protections for Unborn Children, Will Institute Free Abortions
Dublin, Ireland | 9/19/18

Unborn babies no longer have any rights or protections in Ireland after President Michael D. Higgins signed an amendment to repeal the Eighth

Woman Dies During Botched Sex-Selection Abortion of Her 7-Month-Old Unborn Baby Girl
New Delhi, India | 9/18/18

Police in India are investigating the deaths of a woman and her unborn daughter from an alleged illegal, late-term sex-selection abortion.

Canadian Doctors Want to Harvest Euthanasia Victims’ Organs Before They’re Dead
Ottawa, Canada | 9/18/18

Combining euthanasia and organ donation remains highly controversial, and is currently only permitted in Belgium and the Netherlands, both countries

Awesome Photo Shows Hundreds of People Celebrating Life at Switzerland March for Life
Zurich, Switzerland | 9/17/18

Pro-life supporters in Switzerland gathered in front of the Swiss Parliament in Bern for the annual March for Life.

Woman Was Repeatedly Raped During Her Forced Marriage and Forced to Have 8 Abortions
London, England | 9/17/18

Another young victim of a British sex trafficking group has come forward with a harrowing story of rape, forced marriage and eight forced abortions

Blood Test to Reveal Baby’s Gender is Leading to Killing Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions
London, England | 9/17/18

British Labour party leaders are trying to protect unborn babies from discriminatory sex-selection abortions by urging new restrictions on a

Insulting New Ads Imply Women Have to Abort Their Babies to Enjoy Lipstick and High Heels
London, England | 9/14/18

A new ad from the British government is widely being condemned as sexist for implying women must choose between having a baby or wearing high

Pro-Abortion MP Stella Creasy Promotes Do-It-Yourself Abortions That Also Hurt Women
London, England | 9/14/18

After the blow to pro-abortion MP Stella Creasy yesterday  that the government won’t introduce buffer zones to outlaw pro-life witnesses at

UN Human Rights Panel Says Killing Babies in Abortions a “Prerequisite for Safeguarding Women’s Human Rights”
New York, NY | 9/13/18

(C-Fam)  Last week, two UN committees monitoring compliance with human rights treaties issued a joint statement declaring that access to “safe

Aborted Baby Was Born Alive and Died in His Mother’s Arms After Failed Abortion
London, England | 9/13/18

British authorities heard an awful account this week of a baby who was born alive after a failed late-term abortion and then left to die in his

British Government Rejects Legislation to Deny Pro-Life People Free Speech Rights
London, England | 9/13/18

In a great victory for mothers and their babies, the Home Secretary has rejected the idea of implementing nationwide "buffer zone" legislation