Ireland Re-Elects All 15 Members of Parliament Who Voted Against Legalizing Abortions
Dublin, Ireland | 2/14/20

All fifteen politicians who voted against legalising abortion in the Republic of Ireland, in 2018, have kept their seats in the country’s general

UK Now Kills Twice as Many Babies With Down Syndrome in Late-Term Abortions
London, England | 2/14/20

The number of late term abortions carried out past 24 week’s gestation on UK children with Down’s syndrome have doubled in the past 10 years,

Anglican Pastor Claims Killing Babies in Abortion Respects a “Woman’s Right to Life”
Vineyard Town, Jamaica | 2/13/20

An Anglican pastor advocated for the killing of unborn babies in abortions Wednesday, claiming the mother's right to choose is more important

Pro-Abortion Members of Irish Parliament Defeated After Pushing Ireland to Legalize Abortions
Dublin, Ireland | 2/13/20

Irish members (TDs) of the lower house of the Irish Parliament, many of whom were responsible for the implementation of abortion in Ireland through

24 Women Have Died After Using the Abortion Pill and 3,000 Have Been Hospitalized
Washington, DC | 2/10/20

A new website has launched which is teaching women how to perform their own abortions at home using abortion drugs.

Ireland Diverts Money From Maternity Care to Pay for Killing Babies in Abortions
Dublin, Ireland | 2/10/20

Ireland’s Health and Security Executive has diverted money ‘ring-fenced’ for maternity care to pay for abortions, prompting a patient advocate

Award-Winning Documentary Presents a Harrowing Expose’ of China’s One-Child, Forced Abortion Policy
Washington, DC | 2/10/20

One Child Nation won the Grand Jury Award at Sundance in 2019 and has received significant critical acclaim, especially considering the gravity

Liberal Media Shames Woman For Enjoying Motherhood, Caring for Her Husband and Kids
Brisbane, Australia | 2/7/20

An Australian mom is being deluged with insults from mainstream news personalities and online commenters simply for choosing to serve her husband

Switzerland Will Allow Child Rapists to Kill Themselves in Assisted Suicides Instead of Serving Prison Term
Zurich, Switzerland | 2/7/20

Swiss officials, following a request to die from an imprisoned child rapist, have confirmed that prison inmates will be allowed to undergo assisted

Feminists Set Car on Fire Outside Pro-Life Church as Retaliation for Organizing Pro-Life Event
Berlin, Germany | 2/6/20

All across the world, pro-life advocates are being persecuted for standing up for the rights of unborn babies.

Mom Slams Abortion: Don’t Kill Babies Like My Son Just Because They Have Down Syndrome
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 2/6/20

A Northern Ireland mother whose son has Down’s syndrome has made an emotional plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging him not to permit

Swiss Air Cuts Ties With Company Because Its Owner is a Pro-Life Christian
Zurich, Switzerland | 2/4/20

What does Christianity have to do with the quality of chocolate? A lot, according to Swiss Air.