Woman Who Was Raped Rejected Abortion and Kept Her Baby, Today He’s a Catholic Priest
Bogota, Columbia | 9/16/19

A mother's difficult but courageous choices inspired her son to become a Catholic priest and advocate for life.

Doctors Told Her Parents to Have Abortion Because She’d Die at Birth, Now She’s 3 and Doing Great
London, England | 9/16/19

Riziah's parents chose her unique name for a reason.

There Hasn’t Been a Boy Born in This Polish Town in Over a Decade
Washington, DC | 9/13/19

While we often write about the problems caused by the high proportion of males in countries like India and China, one Polish town has the opposite

India May Follow China’s Lead With a Population Control Policy of Forced Abortions
Washington, DC | 9/13/19

On August 15 Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped out to the Red Fort in the Indian capital of New Delhi as a newly empowered man, after the

Doctor Who Secretly Put Drugs in Mentally Ill Woman’s Coffee and Euthanized Her Won’t be Punished
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 9/12/19

A Dutch doctor who sedated a woman with dementia and had her family hold her down so that she could be euthanised by lethal injection has been

Quebec Court Allows Doctors to Euthanize Patients Who Aren’t Terminally Ill
Quebec City, Quebec | 9/12/19

Today, the Quebec Superior Court struck down the requirement that a person be terminally ill before they qualify for euthanasia in Canada. The

Doctor Not Punished for Euthanizing Woman Whose Family Held Her Down When She Resisted
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 9/12/19

A court in the Hague Netherlands has expanded the euthanasia law by acquitting a doctor who euthanized a woman with dementia who resisted the

MPs Tell Prime Minister Boris Johnson Not to Impose Abortion on Pro-Life Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 9/11/19

Today SPUC led a cross party delegation of MPs delivering thousands of pro-life postcards to the Prime Minister. The postcards from the people

Woman Takes 20 Abortion Pills to Kill Her 6-Month-Old Baby, Delivers Dead Infant in Hotel Room
Washington, DC | 9/11/19

Abortions are neither compassionate nor safe for the mother or her unborn baby.

My Mother Tried to Abort Me and Threw Me in a Garbage Pit When I was Born, But I Survived
Uganda | 9/9/19

The following powerful account was sent to NRLC’s Facebook account.

Massive Rally of 20,000 People Protest Legalizing Abortions in Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 9/9/19

The pro-life people of Northern Ireland assembled in great numbers over the weekend to protest the imposition of abortion on the Province. Tens

Christian Legislator Faces Hate Crime Investigation for Sharing Bible Verse on Facebook
Helsinki, Finland | 9/6/19

Through intimidation, online censorship and government action, Christians and pro-life advocates increasingly are being persecuted for speaking

British Government Still Trying to Impose Abortion on Pro-Life Northern Ireland, Action Needed
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 9/6/19

Today the Government has insisted that fast-tracking Northern Ireland legislation, (such as the Bill that was amended to impose abortion on the