UN Pushes Sex on Kids, Redefines Abstinence as “When to Start Having Sex”
New York, NY | 8/11/20

United Nations agencies are pushing “systematic sexual indoctrination” on children across the world through Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Feminist Sends Nasty Note to Mother of Children With Autism: You Should Have Aborted Them
Dublin, Ireland | 8/11/20

Of all the cruel comments lobbed at children with disabilities and their families, the worst may be, “You should have been aborted.”

Czech Republic Rejects Legalizing Euthanasia for the Third Time
Prague, Czech Republic | 8/10/20

On July 27, 2020. the Czech Republic government rejected euthanasia for the third time. Previous attempts to legalise euthanasia came in 2008

New Zealand Euthanasia Measure Would Lead to Killing Many Elderly and Disabled People
Wellington, New Zealand | 8/10/20

New Zealand is debating euthanasia as the country approaches the September 2 - 19 euthanasia referendum during its federal election.

French Assembly Approves Measure to Allow Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth
Paris, France | 8/10/20

The French National Assembly approved a radical pro-abortion amendment this month that would allow unborn babies to be aborted at any point in

Mexico Rejects Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
Mexico City, Mexico | 8/7/20

Recently, Mexico’s Supreme Court refused a sweeping Roe v. Wade kind of ruling on abortion. This ruling was in response to another by a lower

30% Fewer People With Down Syndrome Born in UK as More Babies Killed in Abortions
London, England | 8/7/20

Warnings have been issued indicating that the number of children aborted for having Down’s syndrome is expected to soar due to the rollout

“You Guys Changed Our Mind.” Couple Rejects Abortion After Talk With Sidewalk Counselor
London, England | 8/7/20

A couple have rejected abortion and chosen life for their child, after speaking with a pro-life advocate outside a Planned Parenthood abortion

Feminist Writer: It’s “Perfectly Valid” to Kill Babies in Abortions if Women “Want a Beach Body”
London, England | 8/6/20

Abortion activists are growing bold in their demands for unrestricted abortions up to birth.

Incredible Photo of Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Shows Unborn Baby’s Humanity
Charlotte, North Carolina | 8/6/20

A North Carolina baby girl was given just a 10-percent chance of survival when she was born at 22 weeks of pregnancy in July.

9-Year-Old Girl Was Supposed to be Killed in an Abortion, But She Survived
Washington, DC | 8/5/20

A father in Ghana recently shared about his 9-year-old daughter's miraculous survival after an abortion attempt by his ex-wife.

Pro-Life Advocates in Kenya Stop Radical Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
Nairobi, Kenya | 8/5/20

A Bill backed by major international abortion organisations, which would introduce abortion up to birth in Kenya, has been put on hold following

Woman With Spina Bifida Who Doctors Said “Wouldn’t Last 60 Seconds” Celebrates Her 60th Birthday
London, England | 8/4/20

A woman, whom doctors believed would die within seconds of being born, has defied all odds and she is preparing to celebrate her 60th birthday.