Nursing Student Wins Victory Against University That Discriminated Against Her Because She’s Pro-Life
London, England | 11/25/20

A British midwife student won a legal victory against the University of Nottingham after it threatened to expel her because of her pro-life beliefs.

Pope Francis Opposes Argentina Bill Legalizing Abortions: Don’t “Eliminate Human Life to Solve a Problem”
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 11/25/20

Pope Francis, answering the pleas of Argentine women who are fighting for the rights of unborn babies, wrote a public letter to his home country

Mom of Boy With Down Syndrome: Doctors Would Only Support Me if I Chose Abortion
London, England | 11/23/20

If Lorraine Buckmaster had listened to her doctors, her family would have had a lot less joy in life.

Belgium Abandoned Nursing Home Residents During Coronaviurs and Half of Them Died
Brussels, Belgium | 11/23/20

A recent report by the Belgian affiliate of Amnesty International contained an elephant-sized irony that neither Amnesty International nor much

90-Year-Old Woman Kills Herself Rather Than Go Through Another Lockdown
Ottawa, Canada | 11/23/20

Canada's parliament is currently debating Bill C-7, a bill to expand (MAiD) euthanasia in Canada to people who are not dying.

Netherlands Will Soon Allow Doctors to Euthanize Dementia Patients Without Consent
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 11/23/20

Euthanasia for people with dementia paves the way for non-voluntary euthanasia.

Doctors in Ireland are Letting Babies Die if They’re Born Alive After an Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 11/20/20

Pro-life supporters have reacted with shock and deep sadness to the disclosures in a new study laying bare the truly horrifying impact of the

Irish Doctors: We “Kill” Late-Term Unborn Babies by “Stabbing Them in the Heart”
Dublin, Ireland | 11/20/20

A shocking study about Ireland's new abortion law provides gruesome details about how unborn babies are being stabbed in the heart with a poisonous

Denmark Has Killed So Many Babies With Down Syndrome in Abortions, Just 18 Were Born Last Year
Washington, DC | 11/20/20

Back in September we reposted a story that told the grim truth about the fate of babies with Down syndrome in Denmark. In 2019 there were virtually

In Ireland, Babies are Being Born Alive After Abortion and Left to Die
Dublin, Ireland | 11/19/20

Babies in Ireland may be surviving late-term abortions and being abandoned to die under the nation's new abortion law, according to a new study.

Argentina President Introduces Bill to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 11/18/20

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez resurrected his plans Tuesday to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions in the form of a bill

Huge Abortion Corporation Finally Changes Its Name Because Its Founder Supported Eugenics
London, England | 11/17/20

The abortion chain Marie Stopes International changed its name this month to attempt to distance itself from its founder's discriminatory eugenic

Nurse Charged With Murdering 8 Premature Babies in Hospital Where She Worked
London, England | 11/13/20

A British nurse was charged Thursday with murdering eight premature babies while they were under her care at a hospital in Cheshire.