Australia Bill Would Protect Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions
Canberra, Australia | 3/1/21

An Australian MP has drafted a Bill which would make it a legal obligation to provide medical care for babies born alive following an abortion.

Pope Benedict Criticizes Joe Biden for Supporting Abortion: “He’s in Continuity With” Democrats
Washington, DC | 3/1/21

Retired Pope Benedict XVI brought up the conflict between President Joe Biden's claims of faith and his support for radical pro-abortion policies

Joe Biden Has Already Started Promoting Abortion at the United Nations
New York, NY | 2/26/21

(C-Fam) The Biden administration returned U.S. diplomacy to the pro-abortion fray at UN headquarters this week. The change came in the early

Doctor Wants to Harvest Organs From Patients After Euthanizing Them
Washington, D.C. | 2/26/21

A letter published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) clarifies that people who die by euthanasia will often refuse to participate

UN Report Pushes Sex on Kids, Criticizes Parents for Blocking Their Sexual Freedom
Washington, DC | 2/26/21

(C-Fam) A new UN report on children and privacy might shock parents if they ever knew about it. Produced by a “special rapporteur” and published

3-Year-Old Boy Has “Died” Nine Times But Beats Doctors’ Expectations After Mom Rejected Abortion
Queensland, Australia | 2/25/21

Samson Farkas narrowly escaped death ten times already in his short life.

Nikki Haley: U.S. Should Boycott 2022 Winter Olympics in China Because It Commits Genocide
Washington, DC | 2/25/21

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says the United States should boycott the 2022 Witner Olympics in China because the communist nation commits

UN Claims Denying Women Abortions is Torture Even Though Abortions Torture Unborn Babies
Washington, DC | 2/24/21

It’s high time the world takes action to stop the torture of the most defenseless and vulnerable – unborn babies.

Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Heads Home From Hospital
Dublin, Ireland | 2/23/21

Baby Sofia Viktoria Birina was allowed to go home from the hospital on Feb. 10, nine days after her due date.

UN May Have a Harder Time Pushing Its Radical Abortion Agenda in the Future
New York, NY | 2/19/21

(C-Fam) The longstanding way UN negotiations come to agreement is with consensus rather than voting. Though consensus has changed over the years,

Poland Proposes Millions in Fines for Big Tech Companies That Censor Conservatives
Warsaw, Poland | 2/19/21

Lawmakers in Poland are considering imposing fines on Facebook, Twitter and other big tech companies for censoring political, religious and moral

Shocking Report Shows Doctors in Belgium and Netherlands are Euthanizing Thousands of Patients
London, England | 2/18/21

There has been a rapid rise in deaths caused by euthanasia across Belgium and the Netherlands, according to a Vienna-based bioethics institute.

Joe Biden Wont “Speak Out Against” Uyghur Genocide in China Because It’s Their “Cultural Norm”
| 2/17/21

During a CNN town hall forum last night, Joe Biden said he would not "speak out against" the forced abortions and genocide taking place in China