55 Twin or Triplet Babies Were Aborted in UK Last Year Because Parents Only Wanted One Child
London, England | 1/21/21

Between January and June 2020, there were 55 selective foetal reduction abortions whereby, in cases of multiple pregnancies – twins or triplets,

Joe Biden Restores Taxpayer Funding to Pro-Abortion World Health Organization
Washington, DC | 1/21/21

In his first pro-abortion action as president, Joe Biden has written to the United Nations and informed it that the United States is rejoining

Pope Francis Tells Biden to Respect “Dignity Of Every Person,” Including Those Who “Have No Voice”
Washington, DC | 1/20/21

Pope Francis asked the newly elected President Joe Biden to respect the “rights and dignity of every person,” including those who “have

Catholic Bishops Write Letter to Joe Biden Condemning the “Injustice of Abortion”
Washington, DC | 1/20/21

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Wednesday urged President Joe Biden to stop supporting the “injustice of abortion.” The USCCB released

China Calls Mike Pompeo a “Clown” After Trump Admin Condemns Its Genocide Against Uighurs
Washington, DC | 1/20/21

China’s foreign minister referred to outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a “doomsday clown” in response to Pompeo’s announcement that

Trump Makes U.S. First Country in the World to Call China’s Treatment of Uighurs “Genocide”
Washington, DC | 1/19/21

The United States is first nation in the world to call China's treatment of the Uighurs "genocide."

UK Taxpayers Forced to Fund Expansion of Abortions in Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 1/18/21

UK taxpayers are funding legal action brought forward by a group in Northern Ireland against the Government in Westminster over a “lack of

Court Okays Killing 26-Week-Old Viable Unborn Baby in Abortion
New Delhi, India | 1/18/21

More and more late-term unborn babies in India are becoming abortion victims because of the courts.

Reader’s Digest Canada Pushes Euthanasia, Ignores Hospice
Washington, DC | 1/15/21

The push is on in Canada to normalize euthanasia as the best way to die — to save money and emotional turmoil. How hard is the push? Reader’s

Nurse With Coronavirus Who Gave Birth While on Ventilator Learns Her Baby is Doing Well
Cape Town, South Africa | 1/15/21

Nosipho Nkantini, a nurse in South Africa suffering from Covid-19, was unconscious and on a ventilator when she gave birth to a baby boy in December.

Argentina President Says Killing Babies in Abortions Makes Us “A Better More Equal Society”
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 1/15/21

Killing unborn babies in abortions is now legal in the country of Argentina.

More Babies are Thrown Away in Toilets as They’re Killed in Abortions at Home With Pills
London, England | 1/14/21

A prominent Scottish bioethicist has argued that proposals to introduce DIY abortion in Scotland on a permanent basis undermines the “appropriate

25-Year Study Showed Abortion Hurts Women, But Feminists Tried to Suppress It
Washington, DC | 1/14/21

Pro-life doctor Marissa Ogle, M.D., wrote about an abortion study by Dr. David Ferguson that pro-abortion people tried to repress. (Marissa Ogle,