Brian Fisher

The Abortion Industry Has a History of Exploiting Vulnerable Women
Washington, DC | 11/13/17

The United States government prioritizes the protection and wellbeing of human life, as evidenced by complex industries covering everything from safety to disaster recovery to medical care. To protect us from imminent danger, America maintains a world-class military and legions of first responders such as police forces, firefighters, and hospital emergency departments. Government-regulated auto safety protocols and air traffic control are designed to protect our lives during travel.

When Abortion Activists Protest Giving Women Pregnancy Options You Know Pro-Lifers are Winning
Washington, DC | 8/23/17

Recently, protesters gathered in Atlanta to protest the Human Coalition pro-life Women’s Care Clinic in the heart of the city. We weren’t the first pro-life organization targeted, nor will we be the last. And we gleaned a few encouraging takeaways from the experience.