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Killing Babies in Abortions is Not the Answer to “Climate Change”
Washington, DC | 9/30/19

Exaggerated claims and fearmongering to push a political narrative isn’t a new tactic, which explains how the thoughtful, former House Speaker Paul Ryan became a caricature in a campaign ad pushing an elderly women over a cliff or how President Lyndon Johnson blew up a virtual 3-year-old girl in the famous Daisy ad, insinuating his opponent wanted nuclear war.

New Study Shows 95% of Babies With Cystic Fibrosis are Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 9/25/19

Almost 95 percent of pre-born infants found to be carrying cystic fibrosis variants in their genetics were aborted, after pre-natal testing, according to a study published by the journal,Genetics in Medicine.

American Medical Association Sides With Abortion Over Helping Pregnant Women
Washington, DC | 7/11/19

When Planned Parenthood handed out their attendance stickers to the Democratic field of candidates who recently joined the abortion vendor in calling for taxpayer funding of abortions without late-term limits, their political power and influence was on full display. But a recent move by the American Medical Association shows that the billion-dollar enterprise has integrated itself into all kinds of institutions believed to be less biased about the politics of abortion.

Babies Conceived in Rape Shouldn’t be Aborted Just Because of Their Father’s Crime
Washington, DC | 5/21/19

When it comes to gun violence in schools, people get outraged about children in danger of losing their lives. It’s a worthy concern. According to Education Week, in 2018 28 students were killed in school shootings, while so far in 2019, 2 children have been killed.

Abortion Activists Have Crossed the Line From Disagreeing With Pro-Lifers to Violence
Washington, DC | 5/10/19

The violence that many people mourn in the womb seems to have permeated the abortion debate, as one dehumanizing act leads to another. Just this week, posters announcing my campus speaking tour were lit on fire at Western Washington University, with no regard to the devastation that could have occurred if the flames were not put out.

California Bill Would Require Free Abortions at Every College and University
Sacramento, CA | 4/24/19

Risk-averse college and university campuses in recent years have looked at all kinds of programming that has the potential to put students in harm's way, from cybersecurity to Greek life. Consider the rolled-back support for fraternities following hazing incidents and reports of racist conduct. Just this year, a student death at the University of California, Irvine, lead to a fraternity suspension. With schools counting the costs of things like fraternities or credit card marketing on campuses, the renewed push to force all California college and university health care centers to distribute chemical abortion drugs is hard to fathom.

Liberals Trying To Revive Equal Rights Amendment To Get “Right” to Abortion In The Constitution
Washington, DC | 3/29/19

A trio of female leaders representing grassroots organizations with a national presence spearheaded a Capitol Hill briefing on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) earlier this month to illustrate, once more, that the abortion agenda has hijacked the women’s movement, to the detriment of what women truly want and need.

New Laws for Abortions Up to Birth Allow Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them
Washington, DC | 2/26/19

Charles Dickens could appreciate the strange circumstances that preborn infants survive these days, as technology and innovation create the best of times and the worst of times for those who have not yet been born. Case in point, the daughter of Bethan Simpson and her husband Kieron who at 24 weeks (6 months) in the womb, was operated on for spina bifida, a condition in which a baby’s spinal column does not fully close during development. Earlier this month, the infant was removed from her mother’s womb for the procedure and then returned to continue growing.

Men in NY Can Kill a Woman’s Unborn Baby and Not be Charged With a Crime Under Its New Abortion Law
Washington, DC | 2/19/19

So much of the conversation surrounding abortion laws focuses on what women presumably want, with abortion advocates talking passionately about empowerment, control, or choice. But rarely do we acknowledge that laws regulating abortion often protect women from men who wish to hurt them or abortionists who don’t care if women are hurt at all. A default position in favor of abortion and against life-affirming laws can harm women and children, as illustrated in New York and Louisiana this week.

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