New Children’s Book Tries to Convince Kids It’s Okay to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 25, 2021   |   6:26PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are trying to indoctrinate younger and younger children with the notion that aborting an unborn baby is ok.

Along with celebrity endorsements, entertainment and social media, they are creating children’s books that deceive impressionable young minds with claims about abortion being “normal” and notions that pregnancy does not involve an actual baby.

Two “abortion doulas” recently published a children’s book about abortion. Now, a mother-daughter team plan to do the same.

Rewire, a pro-abortion news site, reports Shawna and Beezus Murphy recently wrote two children’s books about abortion with support from the Shout Your Abortion group.

Shawna, the mother, said her book, “Maybe a Baby,” is based on her experience of telling her daughter Beezus about her abortion.

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“I am a mother of two and I’ve been a child care provider for 30 years, so I was writing a book I would’ve liked to have read to my own kids when they were little,” Shawna told Rewire. “I very much wanted it to be like one of the dreamy conversations I have with my youngest late at night when she’s trying to keep from falling asleep.”

Her message to children is that pregnancy does not involve a baby but a “maybe” baby, therefore abortion is ok.

“My story is about the many fruitions of pregnancy. Maybe a Baby, because for me, that’s what a pregnancy is,” she said. “… So you might have a baby, you might not, but that part is definitely left out of the story when we are talking to kids. Why? Religion? Shame? Guilt? Patriarchal control over bodies with uteruses?”

But Shawna leaves out the biological fact that a unique, living baby already exists in every pregnancy and an abortion kills that baby. It is a fact that children seem to understand innately, including Shawna’s own daughter – at first.

According to the report:

Maybe a Baby features photographs of Shawna and her two daughters alongside dialogue explaining that a pregnancy means just that—maybe a baby. Discussing abortion and pregnancy loss, Shawna tells her daughter that she’s been pregnant five times, and two have made babies.

“But you love babies!” Shawna’s daughter asks at one point in the book.

“I do love babies!” she replies. “Deciding to be a parent is a BIG deal! Everyone gets to have their own reason to have an abortion or try to have a baby. My reason for having an abortion was that I wanted to wait a little longer before becoming a parent so I would be ready to be the best kind of parent I could be.”

This is how Shawna convinced her daughters that killing an unborn baby is ok – and how she hopes to convince other people’s children, too.

Her daughter, Beezus, 17, wrote her own book, a graphic novel titled “My Mom Had An Abortion,” that hints at her knowing abortion is wrong – until her mother convinced her otherwise.

According to Rewire, Beezus had “negative connotations” about abortion when her mother first told her about hers; the young girl even approached a teacher to “get it off my chest” because “I didn’t really know how to deal with all [the] feelings.”

Eventually, however, through her mother’s influence and a friend whose mother also had an abortion, the teen decided that, “Oh, dip, abortions are normal as hell” – therefore, they must be ok.

Abortion activists are subtly manipulating young minds by denying facts and recreating a rosy picture that subverts reality. They ignore basic biology and the innate value of every human life – things that most children know unless adults twist their thinking.

Fortunately, pro-life advocates are working to counteract this destructive messaging with books of their own. Bestselling Christian author Elizabeth Johnston just published a pro-life children’s book, “Little Lives Matter,” and Bethany Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, wrote a popular children’s book called “Pro-Life Kids” in 2019. Former NFL star Tim Tebow also has a children’s book that celebrates the value of children with special needs.