New Children’s Book “Little Lives Matter” Teaches Kids Pro-Life Values

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 24, 2021   |   7:50PM   |   Washington, DC

Elizabeth Johnston, a bestselling Christian author and homeschooling mom, just published a new children’s book to counter the pro-abortion culture and help children understand the value of every human life.

The mother of 10 children, Johnston said she knows how much modern culture is pushing abortion on society, including on young children. She said celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Alyssa Milano openly promote abortion to their audiences.

“Hollywood. Social media. Indoctrination in school. From EVERY angle, our children are being bombarded with propaganda convincing them abortion is normal,” she wrote on Twitter. “Abortion is killing a human life that was made in the image of God. It’s an affront to our Creator.”

She wrote her new book “Little Lives Matter” to help parents teach their children that “every life deserves a chance, even the unborn.” The book is available now through BRAVE Books.

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Her book follows Momma Bear and her son Mobi, who was born missing one of his arms. Momma Bear has to defend her son against Culture the Vulture and guard herself against temptations of an easier life. “Despite constant calls to live for themselves, the beloved duo defend each other with the self-less refrain: ‘It’s his life, not mine, that means most to me,’” according to The Post Millennial’s review.

Johnston said her book teaches children about respecting the sanctity of all lives, including babies in the womb, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Through the story of Mamma Bear and little Mobi, she said she wants to help parents “prepare our children to be brave enough to stand up and defend life.”

“Little Lives Matter” is the latest in a series of children’s books written by Johnston to counteract the negative messaging of “woke” culture that is being targeted at children.

“We need to do just as much work as the culture to teach our kids Little Lives Matter,” she said.