Poll: Less Than Half of Americans Think Joe Biden Won the Presidential Election

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 10, 2020   |   7:25PM   |   Washington, DC

A new poll from pollster Scott Rasmussen shows less than half of Americans believe pro-abortion candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election.

Most Biden voters believe Biden won and most Trump supporters believe the president emerged victorious, but a significant 16% of all Americans are just not sure. That brings the total number who think Biden won to 49%, or less than half.

Here’s more:

More than a third of registered voters believe Donald Trump legitimately won the presidential election, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Less than half of all respondents — 49% — believe Joe Biden legitimately won the race, while 34% said they believe Trump won the election, and 16% said they are not sure who really won.

Of Republican respondents, 77% said they think Trump is the legitimate winner, while just 12% of Republicans believe Biden is the legitimate winner. About a quarter of independent voters also said they believe Trump won.

“During the time of this survey, no television network or other news source had formally called the race for Biden,” he said.

The survey was comprised of 1,200 registered voters and conducted by Scott Rasmussen from Nov. 5-7, 2020.

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Today President Donald Trump officially clinched victory in the state of North Carolina. Fox news and the liberal media have come under fire for prematurely declaring Joe Biden the winner in Pennsylvania and Arizona while not certifying the state of North Carolina, where Trump leads his pro-abortion rival by well over 70,000 votes.

But the Decision Desk today finally awarded the tar heel State to Trump a week after election day. Election projectors were awaiting on mail-in and military ballots to make the final call, though President Trump held a significant lead throughout the week.

Trump will win North Carolina’s 15 Electoral College votes and pro-life Republican Sen. Thom Tillis will defeat Democrat Cal Cunningham.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign’s fight against election fraud in the remaining battleground states continues. Attorney General William Barr signed off on a probe into potential voting irregularities in a memo to attorneys and assistant attorneys general, The Associated Press reported Monday.

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Barr wrote that “inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State,” according to the memo, AP News reported.

Barr wrote that any allegations of fraud that might not impact the election should be delayed, AP reported.

“While it is imperative that credible allegations be addressed in a timely and effective manner, it is equally imperative that Department personnel exercise appropriate caution and maintain the Department’s absolute commitment to fairness, neutrality and non-partisanship,” Barr said, per AP.

The Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan following Election Day. The campaign announced another lawsuit Monday that seeks to stop Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar from “hurrying” to certify the results of this election.

The Associated Press and Fox News have called the race for President-elect Joe Biden.

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Over the last week, credible evidence of voter fraud in battleground states that will decide the presidential election has been uncovered across the country. The Washington Examiner reported on some of the fraud found in Nevada that the Trump campaign has presented to courts there:

Among the allegations: dead voters, votes from thousands who no longer live in Nevada, and a van marked “Biden-Harris” full of opened mail-in ballots.

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who is helping Trump’s legal effort in the state, detailed grievances that the campaign has with mail-in ballot signature verification in Clark County, Nevada, which accounts for the vast majority of voters in the state.

“We were told that signature verification will save all chances of fraud,” Laxalt said in front of a crowd of around 50 pro-Trump protesters on Sunday.

Laxalt identified several complaints about the more than 600,000 mail-in votes cast in Nevada. Laxalt said about 200,000 of those were verified through a machine, and never by a human. He also charged that Clark County registrar of voters Joe Gloria set the factory setting on the machine to accept signatures with an only 40% match.

A federal judge on Friday blocked a Trump campaign attempt to stop the use of the machine that validated voter signatures on mail-in ballots.

Another 400,000 of those mail ballot signatures were verified by hand, but Laxalt said that the campaign is not able to view those.

“I am positive, if you all got to see those,” Laxalt said, “you’re going to see countless mismatches.”

The van and votes from out of state are of a particular concern to the Trump campaign.

Schlapp said that another whistleblower from a ballot counting center, while taking a walk around the counting center on his lunch hour, “noticed a van pulled up at the center marked Biden-Harris.”

“The doors of the van were open, ballots were clearly visible, ballots were open with letter openers, and ballots were filled in and resealed in envelopes,” Schlapp said. “These people who were involved in this activity then decided to create a human shield around what they were doing in the van.”

Schlapp said that at least 9,000 people who moved out of state voted in Nevada’s election. Trump’s campaign previously sent to the Justice Department a list of more than 3,000 Nevada voters who, according to a national change of address database, no longer live in the state. Only an estimated third of people update their address in the database, so triple the number of voters on that list comes to about 9,000.

These cases come as President Donald Trump has filed a new lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania saying that the mail-in voting process opened the door for fraud because it didn’t have the same standards as in-person voting.

President Trump’s re-election campaign today filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleging the creation and implementation of an illegal “two-tiered” voting system for the 2020 General Election. Pennsylvania’s “two-track” system resulted in voters being held to different standards depending on how they chose to exercise their right to vote, the campaign maintains.

In-person voters had to sign voter registrations, have those signatures checked against voter rolls, vote in a polling place monitored by statutorily-authorized poll observers, and have their votes counted in a transparent and verifiable open and observed manner, it contends in the lawsuit.

The state’s mail-in voting, which nearly 2.65 million votes were cast through, lacked all of the hallmarks of transparency and verifiability that were present for in-person voters, including not adequately verifying the voter’s identity, permitting ballots received up to three days after the election to be counted without any evidence of timely mailings, such as a postmark, and denying sufficient monitoring over the reviewing and counting of mail-in ballots, the Trump campaign also said.

“We believe this two-tracked system results in two Constitutional violations: 1) Equal Protection Clause violation, and 2) Elections and Electors Clauses violation,” the campaign indicated.

“Voters in Pennsylvania were held to different standards simply based on how they chose to cast their ballot, and we believe this two-tiered election system resulted in potentially fraudulent votes being counted without proper verification or oversight, as well as many voters being disenfranchised simply for casting their votes in-person,” said Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel. “We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process and ensuring all Americans can trust in the results of a free and fair election.”

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The suit is filed against Secretary Boockvar and the Boards of Elections of the following seven counties: Allegheny, Centre, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Northampton.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham the pro-life Republican senator from South Carolina, is urging Republicans to stand up for President Donald Trump and ensure that the results of the election count only legal ballots and are free from fraud.

“This is a contested election, the media doesn’t decide who becomes president. If they did you’d never have a Republican president forever, so we’re discounting them,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham to host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“President Trump should not concede,” continued Graham. “These computers… do not pass the smell test. We can’t let the media run America.”

A pro-life congressman will lead President Donald Trump’s recount efforts in Georgia to ensure the results of the election were free of fraud and other problems. Georgia is one of several battleground states where credible allegations have surfaced about potential voter fraud and counting illegal ballots that potentially inflated the totals for pro-abortion candidate Joe Biden.

Congressman Doug Collins will lead the campaign’s recount team in Georgia, where a recount will begin as soon as the canvassing has concluded.

“We are concerned about the lack of transparency in the tabulation process, especially given the reports of irregularities and improper ballot harvesting in Georgia,” said Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 general counsel. “In order for Americans to have full faith and confidence in our elections, every legal vote must be counted and every illegal or fraudulent vote must be excluded. We look forward to guaranteeing that our elections are safe and secure, just as we look forward to President Trump winning Georgia.”

Collins said he would work hard to ensure that only legal ballots are counted.

“Republicans stand by the ideal that every eligible voter should be able to vote legally and have it be counted,” said Rep. Collins. “During the coming recount, we are confident we will find evidence of improperly harvested ballots and other irregularities that will prove that President Trump won Georgia fairly again on his way to re-election as President. Georgians deserve a free and open process, and they will get one.”

In a new statement, President Donald Trump says he will not stop fighting to reach a fair and transparent conclusion for the presidential election because he ants to ensure the election system is free of fraud. His statement comes as further votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania have given Biden a lead but Trump supporters are concerned about potential fraud and illegal ballots.

“We believe the American people deserve to have full transparency into all vote counting and election certification, and that this is no longer about any single election. This is about the integrity of our entire election process,” he said.

Trump added: “From the beginning we have said that all legal ballots must be counted and all illegal ballots should not be counted, yet we have met resistance to this basic principle by Democrats at every turn. We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.”

Meanwhile, the Georgia Secretary of State has announced that the battleground will hold a recount after additional ballot counting has reportedly shown pro-abortion Joe Biden has eclipsed President Donald Trump. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger told reporters on Friday that the state will likely head to a recount due the small margin between the two.

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“This process is and will remain open and transparent to monitors,” Raffensberger said. “The final tally in Georgia at this point has huge implications for the entire country.”

Candidates must be within half a percentage point of each other to trigger a recount, according to state law but that appears likely. Approximately 5,500 ballots are left to be counted.

The liberal media has claimed that pro-abortion candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential election after further vote counts in Pennsylvania and Georgia have reportedly given him enough votes to win both states and secure a majority in the electoral college.

But the Trump campaign has issued a statement saying the election is not over.

“This election is not over. The false projection of Joe Biden as the winner is based on results in four states that are far from final,” Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel told LifeNews.com in a statement.

Morgan says the campaign makes that declaration based on the recounts that will occur in multiple battleground states and the legal challenges that will take place as well based on allegations of fraud, counting of illegal ballots and blocking legal election observers from overseeing the process.

“Georgia is headed for a recount, where we are confident we will find ballots improperly harvested, and where President Trump will ultimately prevail. There were many irregularities in Pennsylvania, including having election officials prevent our volunteer legal observers from having meaningful access to vote counting locations. We prevailed in court on our challenge, but were deprived of valuable time and denied the transparency we are entitled to under state law,” he said.

“In Nevada, there appear to be thousands of individuals who improperly cast mail ballots. Finally, the President is on course to win Arizona outright, despite the irresponsible and erroneous ‘calling’ of the state for Biden by Fox News and the Associated Press. Biden is relying on these states for his phony claim on the White House, but once the election is final, President Trump will be re-elected,” he added.

The Trump campaign has filed a federal lawsuit after Pennsylvania election officials prevented its attorneys and staff from following a state court order allowing them to observe the vote counting process in Philadelphia.

Chaos ensued yesterday in the city of Philadelphia, where the election headquarters is refusing to allow Trump campaign officials to watch the vote counting process despite a court order from a state court permitting them to be 6 feet away from election workers tabulating the votes in order to monitor potential fraud.

Earlier in the day, in a huge victory for the campaign of President Donald trump, a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that the Trump campaign can monitor the ballot counting in the contested battleground state. Trump campaign observers had previously been pushed away in Philadelphia sometimes as much as 100 feet away, where they were unable to properly observe the fairness and accuracy of the counting.

But after a Democrat city attorney refused to allow the campaign to properly observe the process, the Trump campaign has now filed suit in federal court.

The campaign of President Donald trump has filed a lawsuit in the state of Michigan after it says election officials there prevented its officials from observing the vote counting process. The campaign wants to ensure the integrity of the vote tabulation in the key battleground state that is one of several that will determine the outcome of the election.

The decision comes after the Trump team indicated it will request a recount of the votes in Wisconsin.

Trump has governed as a pro-life president while Biden supports abortion on demand financed at taxpayer expense.