Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Michigan After It’s Denied Access to Observe Vote Counting

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 4, 2020   |   3:29PM   |   Washington, DC

The campaign of President Donald trump has filed a lawsuit in the state of Michigan after it says election officials there prevented its officials from observing the vote counting process. The campaign wants to ensure the integrity of the vote tabulation in the key battleground state that is one of several that will determine the outcome of the election.

The Michigan count so far gives Joe Biden a small lead, though the race is still too early to call. The campaign says it has not been provided meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.

Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager, said, “As votes in Michigan continue to be counted, the presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be.”

“President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law. We have filed suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted. We also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access. President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else,” he added.

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The decision comes after the Trump team indicated it will request a recount of the votes in Wisconsin.

With the outcome of the 2020 presidential election still very much in doubt and recounts, investigations and potential lawsuits likely looming, the head of President Donald trump campaign says he believes the president has a pathway to victory based on their estimation of the remaining battleground states.

In a phone call with reporters this morning, Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien explained that the campaign is confident that if all legally cast ballots are counted, President Donald Trump will be re-elected.

He said the campaign is confident the President will win states that have not yet been decided and added that Democrats are pushing to count late ballots because they are worried about our margins. The Trump campaign legal team is fighting to ensure that all legal ballots – and only legal ballots – are counted, he explained.

President Trump remains in a “very, very, very good position” to win re-election he said, even though early-morning vote leads in Wisconsin and Michigan shifted to Democrat Joe Biden.

“We are confident in our pathway. We are confident in our math. We said all along we are viewing some of these races as math equations,” Stepien said. “If we count all legal ballots, the president wins.”