Feminists Say “My Body My Choice” Can Only Apply to Abortions, Not Wearing Masks

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 3, 2020   |   11:25AM   |   Washington, DC

Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder if some abortion activists are just that ignorant or if they just think other people are.

It’s a question that may come up in many pro-lifers’ minds after reading Palm Beach Post columnist Frank Cerabino’s recent critique of protesters who are rallying against government coronavirus mandates.

In Florida, some people are using the slogan “My body, my choice!” to protest a government requirement about wearing masks in public. Four state residents even filed a lawsuit claiming the mandate is violating their “personal liberty, and constitutional rights,” including their right to privacy.

Cerabino is not happy about it. Not only does he believe the slogan should be reserved for abortions, he also thinks there is no comparison between the protesters’ position on masks and his own on abortion.

He claims abortion is just a “choice,” a legal right under the right to privacy, and it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Not wearing a mask in public during a pandemic, however, could have devastating ripple effects on numerous people, Cerabino asserts.

“It’s a public, not private, decision,” he continues. “Twisting that sensible public precaution into something devious and un-American on a personal level requires some verbal gymnastics.”

Then comes the biggie.

“Unlike abortion, you are not deciding to do something to your own body. You are deciding to do something to other people’s bodies,” he claims. “So, the more correct chant [for anti-mask protesters] would be, ‘My body, your death!’ …”

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Actually, it is exactly like abortion. And it makes one wonder if Cerabino ever bothered to understand the pro-life position – which half of all Americans support – or if he just thinks most of his readers don’t.

Even if he does not agree with the pro-life position, his claims still contradict basic human biology, massive evidence about abortion risks, and even the public statements of abortionists themselves.

Ilyse Houge, the feminist who runs the pro-abortion group NARAL, has made the same argument that the “my body, my choice” slogan can only apply to abortion.

But there is “something hypocritical” about using the slogan for abortion and nothing else while ignoring what abortion does to another person. It is scientifically well-accepted that a unique, living human being forms at the moment of conception. Textbooks about biology and human development confirm this, and even many abortionists will admit, when pressed, that an abortion kills a human being.

So, when Cerabino claims “the more correct chant would be, ‘My body, your death!’” it actually fits his own pro-abortion position well.

As to ripple effects, abortions also hurt people beyond the unborn baby. There are well-document physical and mental health risks for mothers, but an unborn baby’s abortion death also can be emotionally devastating for fathers, grandparents and even siblings.

Masks, like abortion, are a controversial issue right now and the reasons are very much related. Both are debates about personal liberty and protections for the most vulnerable in society. To oversimplify it, as Cerabino does, helps no one. It just promotes division, rather than helping people to recognize that pro-lifers have a valid position based in science and compassion for the most vulnerable human beings in society today, babies in the womb.