Abortionist Willie Parker Admits “Abortion Kills a Human Being, I Agree”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 22, 2019   |   6:16PM   |   Washington, DC

While calling himself a Christian, abortionist Willie Parker admitted Thursday that he has killed tens of thousands of human beings in abortions.

Parker made the comment during a debate with Professor Mike Adams at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Summit Ministries and Ratio Christi hosted the event.

An abortionist in Mississippi and Alabama, Parker often claims he is a devout Christian. Once, he even called his abortion practice a “ministry.”

But on Thursday, he admitted to – and defended – killing human beings.

“It is wrong to kill an innocent human being, I agree,” Parker said. “Abortion kills a human being, I agree.”

At another point, Adams asked Parker, “How many innocent human beings have you intentionally killed?”

Parker initially said he was not sure, but later he estimated the total at about 20,000.

Afterward, Created Equal put together several short clips from the debate, including Parker’s admissions, in a video on YouTube.

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“It is refreshing to hear someone who commits abortions strip the euphemisms away to reveal the true nature of his work—killing innocent human beings,” said Mark Harrington, president of the pro-life organization. “But it is blasphemous to hear Dr. Parker, a self-proclaimed Christian, say he kills innocent humans in the name of God. Abortion is immoral and an affront to the God Parker claims to follow.”

Parker is not the first abortionist to admit that abortion destroys the life of a human being. Scientific advances have made it increasingly difficult to deny the fact. Biology textbooks, medical experts and so many others have confirmed it to be true: Human life begins at conception.