Planned Parenthood is Dedicated to Taking Out President Trump: “We Have to Undo the Damage”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 22, 2020   |   12:36PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is trying desperately to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020 and reverse his pro-life impact.

The largest abortion chain in the United States, Planned Parenthood wants political power, and it plans to spend at least $45 million on the 2020 election to get it.

Speaking with The Guardian, acting president Alexis McGill Johnson said her pro-abortion group has a lot of work ahead to “undo all the damage” caused by recent pro-life laws and policies. She slammed the Trump administration and state legislatures for their work to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion – though she claimed that is not their real goal.

“The conversation is framed around abortion,” Johnson said. “[People think] they may come for that, but they’re not going to touch your contraception … And then they force people out of Title X. … And it’s like, no, actually, the bigger picture is about control, right?”

Johnson could not be more wrong. The problem really is abortion. The goal of the pro-life movement is to restore the right to life to unborn babies and preserve it for vulnerable individuals at risk of assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The Title X program is a perfect example. In 2019, President Donald Trump enacted a new Title X rule to ensure that the program does not indirectly fund abortions. Title X provides family planning and other health services for low-income individuals. Planned Parenthood could have complied with the rule by stopping abortions or completely separating its abortion business from its actual health services, but it refused. Planned Parenthood prioritized abortions over women’s health, and therefore was defunded of about $60 million.

The Title X cuts are just one of many problems that Johnson has with Trump. She also criticized him for appointing conservative judges to federal courts, including pro-life lawyer Sarah Pitlyk and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Even if Trump loses in November, abortion activists still are worried about the future of abortion on demand. In 2019, a number of voter-elected state legislatures passed heartbeat laws and other pro-life laws to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion. Though the abortion industry is challenging most of these laws, pro-lifers hope that Trump’s conservative judicial appointees will uphold the life-saving laws.

That is bad news for Johnson and her billion-dollar abortion chain.

“Even if we get a pro-choice White House, Senate and we hold the House as pro-choice as it is, it means that we still have to do work state by state, knowing that the courts are not going to be our stopgap,” Johnson said. “We still have to undo all of the damage.”

Numbers-wise, it does not look good for Planned Parenthood either. Johnson said they have been working hard to activate pro-abortion voters and raise support for their cause. She claimed to be optimistic, but Planned Parenthood’s annual reports tell a different story.

“In this particular era of gloom, we’ve been testing a model of what it means to engage our supporters, engage our voters, and turn them out around our issues,” Johnson told the news outlet. “We didn’t start on January 1, 2020. We’ve actually been building for quite some time around these issues.”

Planned Parenthood’s patient numbers are dwindling, though its funding is up, and there are signs that it is losing supporters, too. Buried in its 2019 annual report are numbers showing a rapidly shrinking donor base. According to the report, the number of individual donors to Planned Parenthood fell by 400,000 last year. Its patient numbers also are down about 600,000 in the last decade.

With Gallup polling and other surveys showing a majority of Americans are pro-life, it’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood’s expanding abortion business is costing it support. Polls consistently show that most Americans oppose its radical pro-abortion agenda, which calls for unrestricted abortions up to birth and taxpayer-funded abortions.

Trump has a strong, consistent pro-life record in office – one that threatens the future of the abortion industry.

In one of his first acts as president, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits taxpayer funding to groups that promote or provide abortions overseas. The change defunded Planned Parenthood’s international arm of about $100 million. His administration also has intervened repeatedly to stop the United Nations from supporting abortion.

Trump and his administration have made a number of changes to protect those who morally object to abortions, expanding conscience protections for medical workers who believe it is wrong to kill an unborn baby and increasing religious exemptions for Obamacare.

In 2019, the administration finalized a new Title X rule that requires health care entities to completely separate abortion from their taxpayer-funded services. The rule defunded Planned Parenthood of about $60 million.

Trump also appointed dozens of conservative judges to federal courts as well as two to the U.S. Supreme Court.