Abandoned Baby Girl With Umbilical Cord Still Attached Saved After She Was Thrown Over a Wall

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 4, 2018   |   3:01PM   |   Beijing, China

An abandoned baby girl is recovering in the hospital after she apparently was thrown over a 6-foot wall Friday in eastern China.

The Daily Mail reports police in China are investigating the infant’s abandonment and have not yet found her parents.

The little girl was discovered in a courtyard filled with trash in Xiade Village in Fuzhou City’s Mawei District on Friday, which is International Children’s Day, according to the report.

Police said local residents found the baby and her mother’s placenta near a 6-foot wall in the dirty courtyard. Some have speculated the baby girl was thrown over the wall soon after her birth, but police have not confirmed this.

She is suffering from major injuries, including a fractured skull and bleeding in the skull, bruises around her mouth, and injuries to her heart and lungs, the report states. She is being treated in a hospital in Fuzhou.

Police are asking people with any information to contact them. If the parents are found, police said charges of infant abandonment likely will be filed.

Several couples already have expressed interest in adopting the girl, the report states.

The parents’ motives for abandoning the newborn girl are impossible to tell, but girls frequently are aborted or abandoned in China. This crisis relates to a cultural preference for male children as well as China’s oppressive population control measures.

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In February, a similar incident occurred when a mother allegedly gave birth to a baby girl on the streets of Huancheng Bei Lu in Guilin, China and then threw her daughter in a garbage bin, LifeNews reported.

Experts say tens of millions of girls are missing in China due to infanticide and sex-selection abortions. Abortions and infanticide are especially high among “second daughters” in China, according to the human rights group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

A U.S. Congressional report in 2016 put the estimate at 62 million and called the deadly gender discrimination “utterly disgraceful.” It found that coercive population control measures continue under China’s new two-child policy.

After decades of oppression, the Asian country now has a huge gender imbalance, and millions of young men cannot find women to marry. Late last year, The Epoch Times reported the current ratio of boys to girls in China is 115.4 to 100.