Most “Second Daughters” Like Her in China are Aborted or Abandoned, But She Survived

International   |   Reggie Littlejohn   |   Nov 25, 2016   |   12:19PM   |   Beijing, China

Meet “Bai Jun.” Loved as she is by her mother, she was hated by her father and his parents.

Bai Jun was a three-month old baby when we found her. She has an older sister, making her a second daughter. Many second daughters are aborted or abandoned in China. Even under the new Two-Child Policy, where the first baby is a girl, many couples insist that the second baby must be a boy. Many of the babies we have saved are second daughters.

Bai Jun’s grandmother from her father’s side looks down on her mother, because she comes from a poor family. When her mother gave birth to her older sister, her grandmother was upset. Before Bai Jun was born, her grandmother pressured her mother to have an ultrasound to determine the baby’s gender. Her mother refused, because she knew that if the baby was a girl, the grandmother would pressure her to abort her daughter.

At first, Bai Jun’s father stood up for her mother, protecting her from the pressure to have an ultrasound. He must have thought that Bai Jun was going to be a boy, because as soon as she was born, her father began to side with his own mother against his Bai Jun and her mother.

Bai Jun’s mother began to cry often. She was afraid that her husband would leave her because she had given him two daughters and no son. Bai Jun’s mother said, “This little girl is a very quiet baby. She is so innocent. She has no idea what is happening in the world.” Bai Jun’s mother said that she would like to keep both girls with her. She is determined somehow to survive even without her husband’s support.

But how? She has no money or means of support, and she has two little mouths to feed? Often, this constant stress and financial strain can lead a family to do the unthinkable – to give away or to abandon their baby girl. The situation was desperate.

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When Women’s Rights Without Frontiers found out about Bai Jun’s situation, our undercover fieldworker knocked on the door of Bai Jun’s home and gave her mother a message of hope. She told her, “Girls are as good as boys. Both of your daughters are precious and you are right to want to keep them both.”

Our fieldworker told Bai Jun’s mother about our “Save a Girl” program. She told them we provide a monthly stipend to families to empower them to keep their girl. Bai Jun’s mother responded gratefully, telling our fieldworker, “God has extended a helping hand to me, bringing hope into a situation that had been hopeless for me and my two lovely daughters.”

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