Alabama Judge: Shoddy Abortion Clinic That Broke the Law Must Stay Closed

State   |   Tom Ciesielka, Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 4, 2013   |   9:50AM   |   Birmingham, AL

Yesterday,illegal abortionist Bruce Norman’s bid to continue performing abortions at the unlicensed All Women’s abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, was denied.

Life Legal Defense Foundation has been instrumental in helping to permanently shut down the abortion facility, formerly doing business as New Woman, All Women, which had continued operating for over a year after its closure by the Alabama Department of Public Health for multiple violations.

The decision, handed down by Circuit Judge Joseph L. Boohaker in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama – Birmingham Division, was one sentence long.

Life Legal Defense Foundation had filed a “friends of the court” brief opposing Norman’s request for reconsideration in the matter of his ban on performing abortions.

“At the original trial, abortionist Norman admitted that all he provided by way of medical ‘services’ were abortions, by his own testimony he conceded that these abortions violated the law at a location shut down for numerous health code violations,” explained Life Legal Defense Foundation Executive Director Dana Cody.  “It is amazing that a motion for reconsideration was even filed.  If I was in Bruce Norman’s shoes I would be embarrassed, not emboldened to continue.  Norman wanted to continue aborting children at a facility where the Alabama Department of Health has already prohibited abortion by consent order due to shoddy practices.  The gig is up – abortion is legal but it is NOT safe.  This needs to stop and stop now.  Kudos to Judge Boohaker.”

New Woman All Women has been operating illegally despite being ordered by the Alabama Department of Public Health to close after it sent two women to the hospital in one day.

The state is suing New Woman All Women for acting as an abortion provider without a license after pro-life activists demanded the Department of Public Health take action.  Yesterday, New Woman All Women owner Diane Derzis and her attorneys withdrew their motion to dismiss the case against New Woman All Women, and Judge Joseph Boohaker ruled to expedite the hearing against the infamous abortion center, which will be held on August 5, 2013.  New Woman All Women’s motion to dismiss had claimed that the Alabama Department of Public Health had no jurisdiction to enforce health and safety rules.



In March 2012, the health department issued a 76-page deficiency report about the conditions at New Woman All Women and in April 2012, the health department announced that New Woman All Women had been ordered to surrender its license by no later than May 18, 2012.  The deficiencies included inadequately trained staff; failure to have policy and procedures related to medication errors and the administration of medications, which resulted in the hospitalization of three abortion patients, one of whom was placed in the ICU; no documentation indicating that Derzis’ two abortionists were even licensed to perform abortions; inadequate preparation and administration of drugs, which led to overdoses and inadequate pain management; and use of uninspected equipment.

Derzis, known as the “abortion queen” in the Southeast for owning Mississippi’s only abortion facility, and abortionist Bruce Norman—who also works at Derzis’ Mississippi abortion business—were ordered last year not to have any involvement with New Woman All Women.