Abortion Clinic Offered to Kill Woman’s Perfectly Healthy 28-Week-Old Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 31, 2022   |   6:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Monica Snyder, the executive director of Secular Pro-Life, knew her unborn daughter was safe when she walked into a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C. in January.

But she still felt nervous going undercover to expose the horrors inside the Washington Surgi-Clinic – nervous because she knew the staff would harm her late-term unborn daughter if she let them.

In a column at The Washington Times, Snyder described what happened when she filmed an undercover video for Live Action inside the late-term abortion facility.

The video, published in June, exposed the willingness of the abortion facility to abort a healthy, 28-week unborn baby and other questionable practices. Evidence from previous investigations suggests that viable, late-term babies may be being born alive and left to die or killed in partial-birth abortions at the Washington, D.C. abortion facility.

Snyder said she was 28-weeks pregnant with her daughter, Ruby, when she entered the windowless waiting room. She paid $11,400 in cash and then sat waiting half an hour before a nurse saw her.

“I was nervous,” she wrote at the Washington Times. “… I had agreed to partner with Live Action to secretly record my visit to this Washington clinic in hopes of showing people the true nature of late-term abortion. Live Action has investigated the Washington-Surgi clinic before and uncovered some horrifying truths.”

She uncovered more.

Snyder said the abortion staffers did not ask her about her unborn daughter’s health and did not seem to care that she wanted to abort her viable unborn daughter for purely elective reasons.

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“In fact, the nurses repeatedly reassured me that there was nothing wrong with or even unusual about me, a healthy woman, seeking an abortion of my healthy child at seven months,” Snyder wrote.

The abortion facility nurse claimed Snyder’s unborn daughter would not feel pain as she was killed during the three-day abortion procedure either, she said.

Snyder continued:

I could feel Ruby turning and stretching, and her movements made me tearful. My emotional reaction surprised me. I had expected to be angry, but I was just heartbroken. I pictured her tiny face. Of course, I knew I wasn’t about to do anything that would endanger her. But I also knew I was in the presence of people who would, if I asked them to, willingly and quite literally tear my little girl apart. While I knew she was safe with me, the horror of the room made me feel as if I needed to protect her.

She contrasted her abortion appointment with the prenatal visits she went to before each of her older three children were born. All of them screened her for domestic violence and mental health issues, but she said the abortion facility staff did not ask her anything – “although I wept intermittently during a multi-hour appointment.”

Snyder left after the nurse refused to let her talk to the abortionist. She said the nurse would not allow her to see the abortionist until after she took Xanax, which can cause drowsiness and impair memory, and stripped to the waist.

She received a partial refund before walking out the door with her daughter still safe inside her.

“As I walked out of the waiting room, my mind again turned to the women around me,” Snyder remembered. “It felt like I was abandoning them and their children in the uncertain hope that this undercover work would protect more women and children in the future. It was an abysmal calculus. I’ve thought repeatedly about those who stayed in that waiting room after I left, and of all the women and children who have entered it since.”

Watch the undercover video here.