Stomach-Turning Video Goes Viral of Drag Queen Sexualizing Abortion at Halloween Party

National   |   Monica Sanchez   |   Nov 5, 2019   |   3:12PM   |   Washington, DC

As if the Left didn’t dehumanize unborn children enough, this drag queen took things hundreds of steps further by “performing” an abortion at a Halloween party in New York City last week.

Video of the graphic performance went viral over the weekend, showing New York-based drag queen Blair Back sitting on a bar using a knife to cut open her fake womb, pulling out a bloody mock fetus, beheading the plastic baby, and pretending to eat it.

Back was dressed as a pregnant “zombie cannibal” for Halloween, according to Pink News, which celebrated her “act” as an affront to Christians everywhere who “are simply apoplectic at the post.”

Pink News did concede that the performance could “cause offence to people who have suffered miscarriages or have had abortions themselves, no matter what side of the debate they may stand.” No kidding.

Back posted about her absolutely gruesome, stomach-turning display on Instagram, explaining her “inspiration for this performance”:

“Trigger warning!!! I do cut a PLASTIC BABY out of a fake pregnant belly… A LOT of FAKE BLOOD,” she wrote. “The inspiration for this performance was from a lot of horror movies where a woman got pregnant by and alien, demon, monster, et cetera and they have to cut the baby out of her before it kills her from the inside.”

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Back posted several times, clearly proud of what she accomplished that night. In a previous post, she had her caption as the following quote: “I have a heart I swear I do… just not baby when it comes to you.”

In another picture, with her posing kissing the bloody plastic baby, she writes:

Papa don’t preach I’m in trouble deep
Papa don’t preach, I’ve been losing sleep
But I made up my mind, I’m not keeping my baby
He says that he’s not going to marry me
We won’t raise this little family

It won’t be all right
It’s now a sacrifice


For all we know, she could be one of the drag queens reading to kids at the local library’s Drag Queen Story Hour.

Watch at your own discretion.

LifeNews Note: Monica Sanchez writes for MRCTV, where this originally appeared.