Abortion Activists Vandalize Pregnancy Center a Second Time, Spraypaint “Liars” on Building Wall

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 4, 2019   |   1:59PM   |   Austin, TX

Why anyone would attack Austin LifeCare is difficult to understand.

The pro-life pregnancy center provides free resources to pregnant and parenting families who are struggling. Through its doors, they can receive medical care from licensed medical professionals, referrals to social services, professional counseling, baby items, maternity clothes and more. This month, the nonprofit plans to begin offering first-trimester prenatal care services as well.

But last week, the Texas nonprofit was vandalized for the second time this year, according to The Christian Post. Someone spray-painted its newly painted building with the phrases “fake clinic” and “liars,” the report states.

Andy Schoonover, CEO of Austin LifeCare, said these types of attacks happen with pro-life outreach.

“After all, we had a rock thrown through the window just a couple of months back,” he told the Christian Post. “We are in Austin. We are fighting for women and their babies. This just comes with the territory.”

Earlier this year, abortion activists slammed the pregnancy center in local news reports after it displaced a local abortion business, Whole Women’s Health, by outbidding it for a lease. Whole Woman’s Health is a Texas-based abortion chain with a long record of health and safety violations.

Schoonover told One News Now that local volunteers are donating paint and time to cover up the vandalism and restore the building. He said they also plan to install cameras to help prevent future vandalism. To donate, click here.

“We’re here to be pro-woman,” he said. “We really do believe that there are a number of women who have unplanned pregnancies that feel pressured to have an abortion, and what we really want to do is give them an informed choice. We want to talk them through their options, and that is termination, adoption or parenting.”

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The nonprofit has helped about 30,000 women so far, Schoonover said. It also provides free services to fathers and to babies from the time they are in the womb up to age 3.

Schoonover said most of their clients are facing major struggles, and LifeCare staff and volunteers provide them with resources and hope.

“Many of them are not in stable living situations. They are either not working or don’t earn enough money to be financially secure. And they are in unhealthy relationships and don’t have family support,” he said.

“We work to help remove some of these barriers and provide them with the support and education needed for them to be more secure in their present situation,” Schoonover told the Christian Post. “That security gives them the confidence to know they can be a good parent and care for their baby well.”

He offered compassion to those vandalizing the pregnancy center as well. He said the individuals likely are hurting and need healing.

Pregnancy centers increasingly have become targets of vandalism and smear campaigns by abortion activists. This summer, two pregnancy centers’ mobile vans were vandalized in Chicago and North Carolina. In February, another pro-life pregnancy center was vandalize in Virginia in the midst of a heated political debate about a pro-abortion bill. And in May, someone spray-painted pro-abortion graffiti on a Catholic church in Philadelphia.

LifeNews has reported a rash of disruptive, harassing and violent incidents this year: