Pro-Abortion Cyclist Charged After Spitting Directly in Pro-Life Protester’s Face

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 16, 2019   |   2:19PM   |   New South Wales, Australia

Police charged a third person this week in a series of alleged attacks and threats against pro-life advocates in New South Wales, Australia.

According to 9 News, a bicyclist was caught on video spitting in the face of a peaceful pro-life protester Thursday in downtown Sydney.

Police said they charged a 26-year-old man from Annandale in the incident. The alleged attacker is not named in reports.

A driver named Andrew Taylor caught the incident on video as he was passing by, according to The Ben Fordham Show on AM 873 in Sydney.

Taylor’s video shows a bicyclist riding down Macquarie Street and then turning abruptly across traffic and onto the sidewalk where a man was standing with a sign. The bicyclist rides straight up to the pro-lifer and spits in his face before riding away.

“I did personally witness him wiping the spit off his face as he moved off to join his colleagues,” Taylor told Fordham’s radio show. “I saw him just spit in the guys face. I just thought no that’s not nice and I have to do something about it.”

Here’s more from the report:

Chief Inspector Paul Dunstan tells Ben Fordham they have found the cyclist and he will appear in court next month.

“We’re taking action against him for the offence of offensive conduct.

“If anyone knows the gentleman depicted in the footage let us know so we can lay a more substantive charge of assault.”

Police in New South Wales also arrested two other men this week for allegedly making violent threats against pro-life lawmakers as parliament debates a radical pro-abortion bill.

In the message left for Liberal MP Tanya Davies of Mulgoa, a man allegedly said, “I’ll slit your throat” if she did not “f— off,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald. He also allegedly told Davies to “leave the f—ing situation in women’s hands,” the report states.

Davies, a vocal advocate against the pro-abortion bill, said she received the threat two weeks ago and immediately reported it to police.

ABC News Australia reports police arrested and charged a 47-year-old man from Kemps Creek on Wednesday with making the alleged death threat. News reports did not include the man’s name.

Police said they also arrested a 58-year-old man from Hornsby on Wednesday for allegedly making similar violent threats against Minister for Counter-Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts. According to the Herald, Roberts’ office said one of his staffers received the threatening phone call on Monday and alerted police.

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Both Davies and Roberts have been speaking out against a radical pro-abortion bill that state leaders are trying to ram through the New South Wales parliament. The legislation passed the lower house in a 59-31 vote last week, just days after politicians introduced it.

If it passes the upper house, the bill would legalize abortion up to the point of birth with virtually no restrictions. It is similar to radical pro-abortion laws that passed in New York, Illinois, Vermont and Rhode Island earlier this year in the U.S.

LifeNews has reported a rash of disruptive, harassing and violent incidents this year: