Cory Booker Leads Pro-Abortion Protests, Calls Pro-Life Laws “An Attack on Human Rights”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 21, 2019   |   3:15PM   |   Washington, DC

Several pro-abortion Democratic candidates for president appeared at pro-abortion rallies across the country today. They included Bernie Sanders, Kristen Gillibrand, Tim Ryan and Pete Buttigieg.

But pro-abortion Senator Cory Booker was one of the most outspoken in terms of his support for unlimited abortions up to birth:

“We will not stand for this attack on human rights,” Booker said to cheers from protestors. 

Booker compared the fight over state abortion bans to the civil rights movement, saying people must ’take to the streets.” 

”We see people trying to take us backward, but we must go forward,” Booker said, reiterating a campaign promise to pass federal legislation protection access to abortion. 

Booker also called on men to do more to push abortions, saying, “To all the men who are here, we MUST wake up more men to join this fight. NOT just because we have daughters and mothers and wives. But because this is an assault on human dignity, on freedom.”

He recently promised will only nominate judges who support abortion on demand if elected president.

“Cory is committed to not only appointing judges and Supreme Court justices who would uphold Roe v. Wade, but would take it further by vowing as president to sign legislation passed by Congress that would make Roe v. Wade federal law, even if the Supreme Court has overturned it,” campaign spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told the news outlet.

Under a big graphic that reads “Abortion is health care,” Booker also tweeted his support for killing unborn babies.

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“No person should stay silent as women’s human rights are eroded,” Booker said in a statement. “And I think it’s particularly incumbent on men — those of us in this presidential race and around the country — to speak out and stand shoulder to shoulder with the women leading the charge. Not because women are our wives, mothers, and sisters, but because they are human beings with the right to control their own bodies.”

Booker’s pro-abortion position is extreme. He recently voted against a bill to require that medical care be provided to newborns who survive abortions. His voting record is 100-percent pro-abortion.

In March, he blasted Trump and pro-life Republicans for enacting policies that “literally … could cause people’s death.” One of his examples was the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, which kills more unborn babies than any other abortion group in America, the Washington Free Beacon reports.