40 Days for Life Campaign That Inspired “Unplanned” Has Saved 263 Babies From Abortion So Far

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Apr 1, 2019   |   10:55AM   |   Washington, DC

The movie “Unplanned’ spurred a HUGE 40 Days for Life vigil turnout this weekend! And it’s no wonder. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s box office performance more than DOUBLED expectations going into this weekend!

As a result, the film will be on 600 MORE screens nationwide compared with the opening weekend!

Today we know of 263 babies saved from abortion through YOUR prayers since March 6.

Many of those lives are being saved in places where pro-lifers can’t expect help ending abortion from their elected officials. Illinois, for example, is about to pass legislation so extreme it would make the state the most abortion-friendly in the country.

Even New York’s legalization of third-trimester abortion pales in comparison. To make matters worse, in 2017, the previous governor of Illinois mandated taxpayer funding of abortion for poor women. The consequences have been predictable. New abortion centers are opening, and thousands of out-of-state women visit Illinois for abortions each year.

But pro-lifers in the “Land of Lincoln” are rising to the occasion. There are 40 Days for Life campaigns at new abortion facilities in Flossmoor and Skokie.

The Flossmoor campaign already saved a baby!

“There were eight of us [praying]” said Karen,who volunteers for the campaign. “A young woman rolled down the window…She told us she had changed her mind…we were so very happy!”

So was the young mother. She introduced the prayer volunteers to “the daddy,” smiled, and left Planned Parenthood!

Springfield, Illinois

The 40 Days for Life campaign in Springfield reported a baby saved from abortion this campaign.

I’ve got some really exciting news to tell you,” said the campaign team. “Last Thursday, on the sidewalk, there was a prayer warrior out here. [The occupants of] a car stopped, rolled down their window and said ‘we couldn’t do it!’”

Syracuse, New York

Speaking of places where 40 Days for Life volunteers are making an impact even in hostile political climates, the Syracuse campaign reported a baby saved from abortion.

She was looking for a sign from God!” said Campaign Leader Jeanie of the woman who chose life. “Our prayer warriors prayed with her and offered all the help available to support her.”

Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vigil participants handed pro-life literature to a couple entering Planned Parenthood. Not long after, the couple came right back out.

“It seems as if the woman’s partner was trying to convince her to go back in,” said Anita, the local leader. “However, she did NOT, and they continued to the bus stop.”

LifeNews.com Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.