Planned Parenthood Official on Being Able to Kill Babies in Abortions: “Let the Fun Begin”

State   |   Citizens for a Pro-Life Society   |   Jan 11, 2019   |   10:10AM   |   Lansing, Michigan

Lori Carpentier, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (PPAM) and Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI), joyously exclaimed on a recent Facebook posting “Let the fun begin!” in response to out-going Michigan governor Rick Snyder’s veto of a ban on telemedicine abortions. The public statement was made in a Dec. 31st Facebook memo exchange between Carpentier and former PP head Cecile Richards.

As of this writing, the memo was still posted.

Monica Migliorino Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (CPLS), head-quartered in Michigan states: “Carpentier’s comment is about as low as its gets in terms of pro-abortion advocacy. The statement is insensitive, crude, crass and –and how can anyone ever say “Let the fun begin!” in the context of abortion? The statement shows the absolute disregard for the reality of abortion—whether we are talking about the killing of the babies or the mothers many for whom abortion is a gut-wrenching decision! Nothing about abortion is “fun”! The comment reveals the true heart of Planned Parenthood—namely that it is a heartless pro-death and ultimately anti-woman organization.”

While Carpentier may be celebrating abortion with “Let the fun begin!” she is certainly not celebrating what she calls the “unrelenting” protests of the Planned Parenthood clinic about to open in Livonia, Michigan, hometown of pro-life activist Lynn Mills of Pro-Life Michigan.

In the January 2019 Planned Parenthood newsletter emailed to Michigan PP supporters Carpentier states: “As expected, once anti-abortion people got wind of our new location, they have been unrelenting both in protesting in front of the facility and at Livonia city council meetings, despite assurances by the council that the building is appropriately zoned and that we have met all of the requirements in the renovation process. We know they don’t reflect the views of the majority of the residents, as many of our Livonia supporters and patients stood up at meetings on our behalf and have even stopped by the new building to welcome the staff…”

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Miller states: “Carpentier is obviously trying to put a positive spin on the heavy opposition her organization has faced in the last three months regarding the proposed PP clinic in Livonia. I was present at three of the city council meetings and it’s just a flat-out lie that ‘a majority of residents support the opening of the PP clinic and that ‘many supporters and patients stood up at [city council] meetings’ on behalf of PP. Those meetings were jammed with pro-lifers, dozens of whom voiced their outrage at the PP clinic before the council members. At no time did PP have more than five lonely people come out to say they want that clinic. Indeed, that they had so few supporters was pretty embarrassing for them.”

Three months ago Lynn Mills discovered that Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan bought a building at 15707 Farmington Road and organized numerous weekly public demonstrations some, due to her organizing skills, drawing hundreds of demonstrators. Planned Parenthood managed to bring out about 12 counter-demonstrators at any one time. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society has assisted in promoting the demonstrations and also lobbied the Phoenix Company Contractors and sub-contractors to stop working on the building. The Phoenix Company is owned by Mark Hiser who told Miller of CPLS “I am a devout Christian.”

Despite Miller’s many attempts to persuade him to pull out of the job the Phoenix Company has continued to renovate the building. The Metro Detroit Sign and Lighting Company, owned by a devout Catholic, had bid on the project to install the PP sign, not knowing that the job involved Planned Parenthood. The owner bid on the job for the West Michigan Facilities Corporation—the limited liability company under which Planned Parenthood in Michigan owns all its properties. A pro-lifer who has been involved in the public protests called the owner and was told that when he found out the sign was for a Planned Parenthood clinic he was seriously conflicted in conscience and was going to donate the proceeds to a pro-life pregnancy help center. However, CPLS director Miller emailed him and called him, telling him that nothing he did could justify putting the Planned Parenthood sign up on their building and urged him to stick to his faith and do the right thing. Finally on Jan. 2, 2019 the Metro Sign Company sent Miller an email indicating that their bid had been rescinded leaving Planned Parenthood to search for another vendor. As of the writing of this article, no sign has yet to be mounted on the Livonia building.

Lynn Mills of Pro-Life Michigan states: “Lori Carpentier told the Livonia city attorney and city council that abortions will not be happening at their new Livonia location—thinking that’s all they have to say to make us go away—when certainly PP will be facilitating abortions out of that building through who knows how many abortion referrals. And now that the Michigan governor has vetoed the ban on telemedicine abortions—what can we expect at this Livonia location? Will Carpentier go back on her word? No one does more abortions in Michigan than PP—and Carpentier says “Let the fun begin” in causing more abortions! She accused us of being unrelenting in our opposition to their proposed PP clinic and that is what we are and that is what we will continue to be!”