Woman Celebrates Her Abortion: “It Put In Place My Reproductive Priorities”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 18, 2018   |   4:44PM   |   Washington, DC

An Australian woman recycled the old argument that every child should be a wanted child to justify aborting her unborn baby in 2015.

The young woman, Nisha, told BuzzFeed that she decided to share her abortion story publicly to counter the idea that killing an unborn child is damaging to the mother.

“Having an abortion was not the worst thing that has ever happened to me,” she said. “In fact, it really put in place my reproductive priorities, and I knew that I did want to have kids, but I didn’t want them then. I wasn’t a broken woman, I wasn’t the scourge of the earth.”

Nisha said she and her partner were not stable financially when she got pregnant, and she was still in graduate school. She said she wants children some day, but the timing was not right in 2015. She said she and her partner agreed that aborting their unborn child was right for them.

“My reason for wanting to share my story was that from discourse growing up, the media, television and film, even my academic learnings, I always thought I would be traumatised by having an abortion,” she said.

“This was not the case for me at all. I had taken careful consideration of my circumstances and was at peace with my choice,” Nisha continued.

Interestingly, Nisha is an embryologist who works in an in vitro fertilization clinic, according to the report.

Having studied human development, she should know that an unborn child is a living human being from the moment of conception, complete with his or her own unique DNA. She should know that by eight weeks, the stage at which she had an abortion, an unborn baby already has a heartbeat and a developing brain.

Failing to mention any of these things, Nisha described her unborn baby as a “blastocyst” and a “potential life” — terms that make her unborn baby seem less valuable than what he or she was.

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She told the liberal news site:

“I’ve been part of the process of embryos being created, some make it but most don’t,” she said. “They are potential lives but they are not the same as viable life. There’s no pain, there’s no consciousness.”

Her professional background also made Nisha aware of how unprepared she was for motherhood.

“Seeing how much these potential embryos were wanted by the families going through IVF, and seeing that kind of desire and not feeling it myself … I think every child should be a wanted child.”

It’s an age-old argument of the abortion industry, and it seems compassionate on the surface. Every child should be loved and cared for and wanted. The problem with the argument is that some born children are not wanted, and they are no less valuable because of it. Babies in the womb should not be allowed to be killed because their parents don’t have warm fuzzy feelings about them any more than babies outside the womb should be. Both are living, unique human beings who are valuable because they are human beings, not because they are wanted.

Nisha may regret her abortion someday, or maybe she never will. The mother’s feelings about her abortion do not make it any less wrong. A human being’s worth is not and should not be dependent on his/her mother’s feelings about them. Wanted or not, every baby deserves a right to life.