Abortion Business Wants to Open New Abortion Facility in Charlottesville, Virginia

State   |   Olivia Gans   |   Nov 1, 2017   |   7:00PM   |   Richmond, VA

This morning I received news that an abortion business from Texas, the so-called Whole Women’s Health, is preparing to open a new abortion facility in Charlottesville. They are upset because Virginia has been able to pass so many successful protective laws over the years and upset that the number of abortion facilities is dropping in the Commonwealth. Virginia’s NARAL affiliate is thrilled that they want to move in here!

“We are so excited to welcome Whole Woman’s Health into the Commonwealth, where they will continue to fearlessly care for women and families. And if I know anything about Amy Hagstrom Miller and her team – they won’t let intimidation from anti-choice legislators or political battles slow them down,” said Tarina Kee, executive director NARAL Virginia.

It’s clear that we must elect individuals who will not be intimidated by pro-abortion groups or businesses either! The voters of Virginia can send a clear message to NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and every other abortion advocate that we don’t want more of their deadly businesses in our beautiful Commonwealth. We decide the direction of our state, not outside pro-abortion forces.

I know you have seen the ads that fill the TV and even computer screens this time of year. It seems like they never stop, but pay close attention. Some of them are very educational and actually tell the truth! The pro-life movement never has a lot of extra cash to use on TV and slick ads, but occasionally we get some help from surprising places. This fall, ads running to denounce both pro-lifers Ed Gillespie and pro-life Attorney General candidate John Adams have been very helpful by clarifying just how radical their pro-abortion opponents really are! Two in particular deserve more attention from pro-life voters.

The first ad has been running for over a month and tells voters that Ed Gillespie rejects abortion and will support passage of new pro-life laws. Pro-abortion advocates actually mask as regular citizens in the ad which depicts Ed as some kind of zealot and bad for women. Ed is a committed pro-lifer who, like most Virginians, believes that reasonable laws should be passed to protect unborn children, particularly after they can feel pain in the womb.

The second ad run by Virginia’s current extremely pro-abortion Attorney General, Mark Herring, shares the very good news that John Adams, whom VSHL PAC has endorsed, is decidedly pro-life! The ad points out clearly that Adams has acted on his principles in the courtroom to protect the rights of employers who don’t want to pay for abortions or to violate their own consciences. He understands that it is the AG’s duty to protect the laws that the General Assembly passes, not dismantle them piece-by-piece as Mark Herring has done to our Clinic Regulations law.

Three individuals running for the Executive offices of Virginia this year, Ed Gillespie, Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Vogel, and John Adams, have all proven themselves worthy of our trust. We cannot allow the lies and misdirection of political ads to fool our family or friends. We must make sure they know the truth about just how radical on abortion Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov. candidate Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring absolutely are.

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Please download this comparison piece (see full text below) about the gubernatorial candidates, and make copies to use with friends wherever you are during this final week. You can use it at a church since it doesn’t endorse a candidate, rather it simply compares them.

It has been a pleasure to see the enthusiasm for these pro-life candidates and all of those running for the House of Delegates.

Don’t forget that you can see all of the endorsed candidates at www.vshlpac.org

You vote will matter! Thank you for all you are doing to help spread the word.

LifeNews Note: Olivia Gans is the director of the Virginia Society for Human Life.