30 Million Chinese Men May be Single by 2050 Because So Many Girls are Aborted

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 14, 2017   |   6:21PM   |   Beijing, China

Sex-selection abortions and infanticide have decimated the female population in China.

The gendercide has been going on for years, leading researchers to predict that there will be about 30 million Chinese men looking for wives outside its borders in the coming years because so many girls were aborted.

The Eastern Mirror reports Wang Guangzhou, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently predicted that there will be 15 million unmarried Chinese men who cannot find a bride in 2020, just three years from now. By 2050, he predicted the number will double to 30 million, according to the report.

Here’s more from the report:

Yuan Xin, a professor at Nankai University and expert on family planning policy, told state-run Global Times that the number will likely exceed 30 million in 2050, as gender bias in favour of males at birth is still high in China.

The national average sex ratio at birth peaked at 121.

Two males for every 100 females in China in 2004, while the standard ratio set by the UN is between 103 and 107 males for every 100 females.

In 2015, the nationwide average was 113. Five males against 100 females, the seventh decrease since 2009.

Zhai Zhenwu, a sociologist at the Renmin University of China, said the continued imbalance was caused by the development of ultrasound technology in the 1980’s, which aided the traditional family preferences for a son, the People’s Daily report said.

Recently released census data from China found that there were 708 million men and 675 million women in China in 2016, a further indication of the on-going abuse against girls, the report states. Government data from 2014 found the gender ratio at birth was 115.88 boys for every 100 girls, an unnatural statistic.

Many blame China’s brutal one child policy for being part of the problem. China recently changed to a two child policy, but many believe coerced and forced abortions and sterilizations will continue and baby girls will continue to be targeted.

A 2015 report from Radio Free Asia has more about the situation:

Experts said the gender imbalance in China’s population can be traced back to the start of the “one-child policy” during the 1970s.

Gender studies scholar Lu Pin, who edits the online newspaper Women’s Voice, said the policy had combined with a preference in Chinese traditional culture for male heirs, whose duty it is to care for their parents in old age.

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“The one-child policies actually allow for the gender bias in favor of boys, and, as such, can be said to bear some responsibility for reinforcing it,” Lu said.

“In rural areas, the one-child policy was always in effect a ‘one-and-a-half child policy,’ because couples would be allowed a second child if the first was a girl,” she said.

“If the first-born was a boy, then they wouldn’t be allowed to have another.”

The targeting of unborn girls for abortions also is a problem in India and other parts of the world. In response, some governments have banned the practice of sex-selection abortions as well as gender testing. In 2015, the prime minster of India also promoted the value of daughters in a social campaign.

Sex-selection abortions also appear to be a problem in the western world, though there is not as much data about it. Only seven states in the U.S. ban the practice.

According to research by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, “One major study that analyzed U.S. Census data from 2000 found that third births in families of foreign-born Chinese, Indians, and Koreans in the U.S. who already had two daughters displayed a ratio of 151 boys to 100 girls—an extreme male-biased ratio.”