Liberals Want to Make People Think Aborting Your Baby is a Great Thing

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Aug 16, 2016   |   9:36AM   |   Washington, DC

The Left is working hard to remove any social stigma associated with abortion. The National Network of Abortion Funds recently launched its most recent attempt to normalize abortion. They created “We Testify,” an online organization that publishes personal accounts from women who insist that abortion shouldn’t be stigmatized and that they benefited from aborting their unborn children, according to The Federalist.

One of the stories featured on the We Testify website is that of Kelsea McLain. After finding herself pregnant, McLain said she needed to free herself from the belief that “‘smart, educated’ women don’t need abortions.” She went on to say that despite support from her boyfriend and mother, she “still felt like a terrible person for not ‘needing’ an abortion.” She recognized that her situation wasn’t difficult and that she could have had her baby, but she aborted her child instead. And she wanted to feel guiltless for her abortion.

Kristine Kippins similarly stated that she endured “emotional repercussions” from “self-imposed stigma” after her abortion. Kippins added that she “should not be ashamed” of her “choice to have an abortion.”

The pro-abortion website even proudly promotes abortions with a “Swag Store.” This store has products such as T-shirts with the phrase “I had an abortion” or “I fund abortion” printed on the front.



What this website fails to address is the negative physical and mental effects abortion frequently has on women, and it certainly never mentions how abortion kills a unique human being in the womb. The pro-abortion site features exactly 10 stories of women who say abortion was the right option for them; however it intentionally ignores the many women who struggle from the loss of their children through abortion. A study from the University of Otago revealed that more than 85 percent of the 500 women interviewed stated they had negative reactions from their abortions. These reactions included regret, grief and guilt.

An abortion can wreak havoc on a woman’s mental health. The weight of her decision often causes a lifetime of regret and negative psychological effects. As psychiatrist Theodore Lidz pointed out: “Much of what goes on in life can be blamed upon others, but the ultimate decision concerning abortion and the refusal to give that new life a chance remains with the mother. The guilt, too, is hers.”

Despite the ill effect abortion has had on millions of American women, the Left continues its fighting to normalize it. This is evident in organizations such as We Testify and even the recent 2015 Twitter trend #ShoutYourAbortion.

It is exactly because abortion is normalized that many women are pressured or coerced into aborting their children. Instead of supporting them through the pregnancy, women are only given support to abort their child.

The Democratic Party used to advocate for “safe, legal, and rare” abortions. However, in recent years this platform has drastically changed. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, safety regulations for Texas abortion facilities were struck down. Furthermore, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton supports abortions through all nine months of pregnancy and wants to force every taxpayer to fund abortions. Currently, the Democratic Party’s only concern is that abortion is legal, and abortion activists are trying to convince Americans that that’s a good thing.