Pennsylvania Pro-Life Group Supports Donald Trump: “He Will be a Defender of Human Life”

Opinion   |   Maria Gallagher   |   Jun 20, 2016   |   11:35AM   |   Washington, DC

The 2016 Presidential contest is not just any election. It may, in fact, be the most important one of our lives.

The next President could appoint as many as four Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Time and time again, over the last four decades, the High Court has determined the trajectory of abortion law in this country. In 1973, the Court changed the face of America forever by establishing abortion on demand for any reason, or for no reason, during all nine months of pregnancy in the tragic ruling Roe v. Wade.

A staggering 58 million unborn children have lost their lives to abortion under Roe. Countless women have been left to grieve their deceased children, and millions of fathers have had to cope with the often unspoken pain of lost fatherhood.

We cannot afford to have an overwhelming majority of judicial activists on the Supreme Court who would not only uphold Roe, but could even expand it.

That is why we must elect Donald Trump President.

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The Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation this past weekend voted unanimously to give their PAC’s support to Mr. Trump. The choice was clear. Mr. Trump has pledged to appoint Justices who will interpret the law, rather than aggressively make laws from the bench. In sharp contrast, his opponent, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, would have a radically pro-abortion litmus test for judicial nominees.

Mr. Trump will be a dedicated defender of innocent human life in the White House. He supports a ban on the gruesome practice of late-term abortions, in which fully-developed, living babies are killed in their mothers’ wombs. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Act, which banned a practice, bordering on infanticide, in which a baby is partly delivered, then killed. A vast majority of Americans supported the common sense law, which was ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court.

In addition, Mr. Trump will safeguard our hard-earned taxpayer dollars from being used to support organizations that perform abortions. Mrs. Clinton, in contrast, opposes a ban on tax funding of abortions, despite national public opinion polls which show that nearly seven in 10 Americans, including Millennials and women, oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

The nation’s largest abortion operation, Planned Parenthood, has sent out blast emails attacking Mr. Trump. The abortion giant would not do that were it not for the fact that a Trump Administration would work to cut off the $500 million a year Planned Parenthood receives from the public.

When it comes to safeguarding precious babies and their mothers from harm, Donald Trump is the clear choice for President. He recognizes the distinct value of human life and has pledged to protect it from its earliest stages—something that Mrs. Clinton, sadly and tragically, refuses to do.

Donald Trump is the only viable pro-life candidate in the race for President. He is the man who can keep the Supreme Court from pursuing a radically pro-abortion course for decades to come. He needs the vote of every pro-lifer in America. The lives of millions of babies and the well-being of millions of mothers hang in the balance. Note: Maria Gallagher is the Legislative Director and Political Action Committee Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and Vitale has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.