Hillary Clinton PAC Makes Misleading “Pro-Life” Ad to Sway Christian Voters

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Jun 15, 2016   |   7:02PM   |   Washington, DC

A Super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton is running an ad that targets Christians and pro-lifers in a deceptive way.

NPR reports the commercial for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running on TV in several battleground states.

The commercial opens with a couple discussing the moment they realized their daughter had spina bifida, and what a blessing she has been in their lives. It appeals to the values held by pro-lifers and Christians, particularly in regards to the dignity of every life.

Complete with powerful images of their daughter Grace as an infant in the hospital and then as a child, it first appears to be campaigning against abortion for children with disabilities. However, its purpose is to attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The couple described their “shock” at Trump mocking a disabled reporter in November. Grace’s mother, Lauren Glaros, said: “When I saw Donald Trump mock a disabled person, I was just shocked. The children at Grace’s school all know never to mock her, and so for an adult to mock someone with a disability is shocking.”

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Her husband Chris Glaros described his reaction, “When I saw Donald Trump mock someone with a disability, it showed me his soul. It showed me his heart.”

Trump later responded to the criticism, claiming that he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability, according to NPR. He explained the situation at a rally: “I was very expressive in saying it, and they said that I was mocking him. I would never mock a person that has difficulty. I would never do that. I’m telling you, I would never do it.” However, Trump refused to apologize for the blunder, saying that it was a misunderstanding and that he deserved an apology, according to the report.

The spokesman for Priorities USA Action, Justin Barasky, claims the ad isn’t targeting a specific demographic: “We’re speaking to lots of different people — to anyone who thinks mocking someone with a disability is offensive. Mocking someone with disability is offensive to evangelicals; it’s offensive to agnostics, it’s offensive to just about everybody.”

It is undoubtedly wrong to mock a person with disabilities. Everyone ought to be treated with dignity and respect. However, a far greater injustice is to use abortion to discriminate against the disabled, and that’s exactly what Clinton does.

Hillary Clinton supports abortion in every case, no matter how extreme. She even went so far as to openly oppose a new Indiana law that protects unborn babies like Grace from being aborted simply because of a disability. During an interview on The View recently Clinton also said an unborn child just hours before delivery should have no Constitutional rights. Her comments came just days after Clinton said unborn children simply do not have any Constitutional rights, which would include the right to life.

Pro-lifers viewing this commercial should know that Hillary Clinton will not defend children with disabilities from discrimination in the womb.