Pro-Abortion Woman Steals Pro-Life Fliers From Neighbors Mailboxes

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 9, 2016   |   1:06PM   |   Toronto, Ontario

A Toronto woman took it upon herself to censor a pro-life education effort from her neighbors this week.

CBC News reports Liz Phillips removed pro-life fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes after she discovered one in her own. According to police, Phillips’ actions are not illegal because the fliers were not addressed or processed by the post office.

The fliers were printed by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, a pro-life organization in Canada; they included a photo of a 7-week unborn baby and an 8-week aborted baby, according to the report. The flier outlines several arguments against abortion and ends with the message, “We can do better than abortion.”

It is unclear whether the pro-life organization was involved in putting the fliers in people’s mailboxes. According to the report, people said they saw a group of teenagers distributing them.

Phillips called the unborn babies’ images disturbing and “inappropriate.” She said she was afraid that children like her sons, ages 7 and 9, would pick up the mail and see them, according to the report.

The pro-abortion woman said she went around her Roncesvalles neighborhood on Wednesday and removed all the fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes. She replaced them with her own flier, explaining that she had the pro-life literature at her home for anyone who wanted to see them, according to the report.

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Phillips did not appear to view her actions as censorship. She told the news outlet that she isn’t “policing” her neighbors’ thoughts but protecting them from being disturbed by the unborn babies’ images.

“I’m pro-choice, so I don’t like the messaging itself. I also don’t assume that everybody on the block thinks the same way,” Phillips said. “My main concern was with the graphic nature of the brochures.”

But what Phillips did is censorship. These pro-life educational campaigns often expose people to the truth about abortion. People often are not aware of how an abortion works or what an unborn baby looks like.

In America, a new video project by Live Action is changing people’s minds by explaining how abortions kill unborn babies. The “Abortion Procedures” video series has a former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, explain how different abortion procedures are done. Each is accompanied by illustrations showing how the unborn baby’s life is destroyed.

The videos have gone viral, and a recent survey found that 34 percent of “pro-choice” women who saw them changed their minds about abortion.

“The more people learn about abortion, the more they see how barbaric and inhumane it is — whether the abortion is committed by depriving a preborn child of nutrients for days until she dies, or by ripping her limbs apart while she’s still alive, or by injecting her with a drug to induce cardiac arrest,” said Lila Rose, Live Action president and founder.

“Abortionists have worked for decades to keep women in the dark about how developed their preborn children in the womb are and what abortion procedures actually entail for both the mother and the child,” Rose continued.