Abortionist: “I’m Not Going to Apologize” for Doing Abortions, “It’s Moral Work”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 4, 2015   |   10:27AM   |   Washington, DC

Whether they call themselves pro-life or pro-choice, most Americans find abortion to be a morally troubling issue.

A 2014 poll found that only 17 percent of Americans viewed abortion as morally acceptable. Abortion doctor Natalie Whaley is one of that small minority.

“I perform abortions because it is moral work,” Whaley wrote in a column that Vice published Wednesday. “Often, people are surprised when they find out I provide abortion care because I seem ‘so nice,’ a disturbing comment on how the general public perceives doctors who do what I do.”

Whaley fails to recognize that it’s her practice of aborting unborn babies that disturbs people. A majority of Americans find abortion morally unacceptable, according to polling. They are uncomfortable with the fact that abortion destroys a unique new human child and stops an already beating heart.

And Whaley admitted that she has hidden her abortion practice because she fears people will judge her.

“Because of the stigma and silence around the medical care we provide, many abortion providers worry about being discovered by our neighbors, our children’s teachers, our families. In a society that has so effectively demonized women who have abortions and doctors who provide this care, the only solution can be to break the cycle,” she wrote.

“I’m not going to apologize for being an abortion provider, nor will I make excuses for the women who have abortions, because it’s no one else’s business,” Whaley continued.



She concluded by promising to “continue to be a physician who takes care of women and performs abortions.” But what Whaley calls “abortion care” has caused millions of unborn babies’ deaths and grief and pain for many of their mothers.

Some abortion doctors have quit the business after realizing the harm that they were doing by killing babies in the womb.

Former late-term abortion doctor David Brewer said he began to have second thoughts after a baby was born alive in a botched abortion. Though he tried to rationalize his abortion business, Brewer finally quit, Sarah Terzo wrote for LifeNews previously.

And abortion doctor-turned pro-life advocate Anthony Levatino explained how he quit aborting babies after he and his wife lost their daughter in a tragic automobile accident. Levatino had performed as many as 1,200 abortions on unborn babies up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, but after his daughter’s death, he re-evaluated his life and quit his abortion business.

One can only hope that Whaley and abortion doctors like her will have a change of heart, like Brewer and Levatino and so many others in the abortion industry, and instead work to defend the lives of the unborn.