Trudeau’s Liberal Government Already Pushing for More Abortion Clinics Across Canada

International   |   We Need a Law   |   Nov 18, 2015   |   6:00PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

In the face of significant challenges facing Canada’s aging population, including a looming deadline to fill the legislative void created by the Supreme Court of Canada’s Carter decision which struck down the country’s assisted suicide laws, one of the first actions taken by the new Liberal government was a call for more abortion clinics throughout the country.

Responding to media query this week, Dr. Jane Philpott the Minister of Heath said, “We know that abortion services remain patchy in parts of the country. Our government will examine ways to better equalize access for all Canadian women.”

Mike Schouten, the director of which is a grassroots campaign dedicated to building support for laws that protect the human rights of pre-born children, was quick to respond. “Amidst the mounting problems that an aging demographic poses for our health care system, the first thing this government wants to do is make it easier for pre-born babies to be dismembered, decapitated and disembowelled?” he questioned.

“How is ensuring there is an abortion doctor in every outlying community going to help vulnerable pre-born children?” Schouten asked. “Furthermore, this is an area the federal government has no responsibility to deal with.”

According to the Constitution Act (1867) there is a division of powers between the federal and provincial governments. Section 92(16) of the Act confers on provincial legislatures the authority to make laws in relation to “all matters of merely local or private nature in the province.” This specifically authorizes the provinces to establish and regulate hospitals, and to regulate hospital-based health care services.

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“Canada is the most radical country in the world when it comes to the lack of legal protection for children in the womb. Rather than attempting to improve our human rights record and get more in line with other civilized countries, Dr. Philpott and her Liberal colleagues are intruding into what should be a provincial responsibility, all in an effort to force their pro-abortion ideology on communities across Canada.

“Canadians need to respectfully but firmly call this government to protect the health of all human beings, including the vulnerable before birth. This government’s seeming disregard for the helpless is not acceptable to any Canadian who has a heart for their neighbours,” Schouten concluded.