I Regret My Abortion: A Woman Betrayed by Planned Parenthood Speaks Out

Opinion   |   Debby Efurd   |   Aug 18, 2015   |   5:08PM   |   Washington, DC

There’s no escaping the headlines. The Center for Medical Progress has now released six chilling videos detailing Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting tissue and organs from aborted fetuses for scientific research.

The videos show executives blithely discussing how they haggle over the price of organ harvesting; the “going rate” is typically $30 to $100 per specimen.

In the never-ending abortion argument, there’s no limit to the number of factions — pro-choice, pro-life, political parties, presidential candidates, bioethicists, legal and religious scholars — clamoring for media attention to trumpet their particular point of view.

But you rarely hear from those at the heart of the debate: the millions of “silent sufferers” for whom abortion has been a traumatic life-changing experience since its legalization in 1973. I’m lending my voice on behalf of the post-abortive community, which, by anyone’s calculation, is a large percentage of our society.

Our message to Planned Parenthood? You have betrayed us!

For decades, we placed our trust in Planned Parenthood for proper healthcare—but we were grievously duped. When I walked into their clinic in 1973, Planned Parenthood didn’t see a woman needing help … they saw dollar signs.

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I wasn’t informed of the medical procedure I would undergo; I never received counseling or even a follow-up phone call.

I walked in the front door, paid for the services in cash and was then shown the back door—but not until the abortionist told me, “Good news: you no longer have a baby.”

Hopefully, a full investigation of the nation’s largest abortion provider will expose the extent of this deception; perhaps the physical, mental and emotional needs of women who are at their most vulnerable moments will finally be put first.

For decades now, American women have been told they could have an abortion with little or no consequence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of the human body.

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A woman’s body naturally resists the abortion, causing physical and emotional pain. I’m not alone in this mindset—there are millions just like me, women who regret their abortions and have suffered silently. For far too long, they have held on to a secret that slowly destroys them. But we are finding our voices with each passing day.

In 1964, Planned Parenthood’s Plan Your Children pamphlet stated, “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health.”

What happened between then and a decade later, when the Supreme Court handed down its decision on Roe v. Wade in August 1973? Did abortion suddenly become safe? Of course not! What changed is that abortion became profitable, and truth was hidden behind the promotion of “women’s rights” rhetoric.

If, as these videos suggest, Planned Parenthood manipulates abortion procedures to obtain intact fetal organs, there’s little doubt that this segment of women’s healthcare was a misleading ploy to entice women—with no consideration of the long-term effects.

The veil of lies has finally been lifted: laws have been broken, human rights violated, and we have all been deceived. There’s no way to “spin” this. As former Obama White House staffer Michael Wear said, “It should bother us as a society that we have use for aborted human organs, but not the baby that provides them.” Indeed.

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Research increasingly validates the harm abortion inflicts—not only on the mother, but also in terms of its residual effect on society. The so-called “solution” of abortion is now proving to be a liability. Abortion does cause harm.

If we are truly interested in reputable healthcare, then any organization that breaks federal laws and displays such blatant disregard for ethical medical practices should be defunded and disbanded.

Women of America deserve better, much better, than the duplicitous hand they’ve been dealt by Planned Parenthood.

LifeNews Note: Debby Efurd is president and co-founder of Dallas-based Initiative 180 and its program of recovery, Peace After the Storm. She is the author of the new book Go Tell It! which releases on September 1. reprinted with permission from Bound4Life.