This Teenager Was Told He Had 24 Hours To Live. Then, One Visitor Changed Everything

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Apr 10, 2015   |   4:33PM   |   Lexington, KY

In 2010, 16-year-old basketball player Kevin Massey found out he had a deadly brain tumor and a very slim chance of survival. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under age 20.

Kevin explained how he first noticed something was wrong with his heath. He said. “I was playing basketball and I noticed my shot was really off, so I told mom I needed to go to the doctor. So we went and everything checked out fine. Then two days later I woke up and couldn’t walk.”

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Kevin’s mother, Ruth Massey, immediately knew her son’s health was in jeopardy. She said, “The minute I saw him I knew something bad was wrong. He actually looked like a stroke patient. His face was drooping and the whole right side of his body was weak. You could tell he was struggling to walk and use his (right) leg. So we went to the emergency room. They got him right back, and the doctor came in and said his CAT scan looked fine, and that they would do an MRI the next day, but that they didn’t see any tumors or brain hemorrhage.”

Tragically, the MRI revealed that he had a brain tumor and the next day he suffered a massive brain bleed in the brain stem. Ruth said, “He had lost the ability to swallow and was moved to the ICU. They did another MRI and found he had a massive brain bleed in the Pons (among other functions, the Pons section of the brain is responsible for relaying sensory information between the cerebrum and cerebellum). They called us into the room and said, ‘Kevin has about 24-hours (to live), there’s nothing we’re going to be able to do. Let’s give it a couple of days and then you guys will have to make the decision to turn off his life support.”

However, a surprise guest from his favorite University changed everything. Watch the video below to find out what happened next.