Photographer Takes Adorable Pictures of Sleeping Newborn Babies

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 27, 2014   |   12:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, the Daily Mail shared Joanne Collins specialized photography. Collins, who lives in Kent, England, takes pictures of babies between five and fourteen days old. She waits until the babies are in a deep sleep so that she can dress them up and position them for a photo shoot.

baby42Collins said the following about her photography: “I have truly been captivated by the world of photography since the young age of twelve. I began by photographing children and families, but my portfolio grew rapidly to incorporate newborn babies, weddings, commercial, fine art and more. This is one of my most favourite aspects of photography. Photographing newborn babies under 14 days is truly wonderful and sentimental.”

Then she explains how and why she does it:

It really is an absolute honour and privilege to be able to photograph these little miracles. There are a few principals to photographing newborns. The first is to ensure they have a very full tummy and that the room is warm as the babies do not, at this age, like for their clothes to be removed. I use a special beanbag with plentiful blankets, as well as props, such as backdrops, baskets, hats and hairbands.

The colour toning with the chosen props need to harmonise beautifully. The lighting must be perfect and the correct lenses and camera settings used. Specific newborn photography requires specialised training in order to understand how to manage and photograph the babies.

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baby43The first steps are to ensure the baby is in a very deep sleep, so that they are lovely and relaxed enough to position into the poses. Understanding the correct way to hold and soothe babies is paramount to ensuring they feel secure enough to sleep.

These photos are really a once in a lifetime opportunity, as once they pass the 14 days they tend to be more awake and less fetal like. Five to ten days is the ideal time to photograph your baby. The joy experienced when the special poses are captured is second to none and I adore it like nothing else. I enjoy taking photographs that cannot be re-captured, making them ever more memorable and extra special for the family to relive over and over again.

Every parent is always so pleased that they went ahead with their photoshoot, the experience is unbelievable and the pictures to be kept close to their hearts forever. Almost all of my work comes from recommendations, which I am happy to say, speaks for itself!”

It’s Monday, so take a break from what you’re doing and look at some of her photos! Trust me, you won’t regret it.