Doctors Said Their Son Had Down Syndrome and Hydrocephalus and Would Die, Then This Happened

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 24, 2014   |   11:38AM   |   Washington, DC

When Brian and Karen Wolman found out they were pregnant with their third child, they couldn’t be happier. But an ultrasound showed that not only did their baby boy have Down syndrome, he also had Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus, sometimes referred to “water on the brain,” is a condition that causes babies’ and young children’s heads to swell to accommodate the excess fluid.

rennerDoctors told the couple that their son would likely be stillborn. Karen shared their story with the Christian Post. She said, “They told us to expect him to be stillborn, but in my heart I had to hold on to hope. So I just kept telling him each and every day to keep his little light shining bright and I would sing this little light of mine.”

The Wolman’s son, who they named Renner, was born at 35 weeks via emergency caesarian section. He did not cry when he was born, but he did take one breath. Karen said, “We were just so happy that he would meet him alive.”

However, doctors told them that Renner was in kidney failure and that they should prepare for their sons passing. His outcome looked so bad, that the medical team asked for the parent’s last wishes. Karen asked the hospital if she could just rock him in her rocking chair. Karen said, “I think I held him that day for about four hours. And little by little from that moment on he started getting better.”

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renner2Amazingly, more than 6 months after he was born, Renner went home and is a happy little boy. Karen said, “We don’t know, the doctors don’t know. They said he’s not a medical miracle; He’s a real miracle. And they don’t know why. I know he was touched by the hand of grace.” One of his doctors said, “It is a miracle to see him floating around and running around and doing the things he’s doing. He’s a beautiful little kid.”

His family doesn’t consider his extra chromosome a set back. Karen said, “We call it his T21 superpower.” Brian added, “I can’t imagine my life without him now, I mean, honestly, I love him to death.” Now, Renner is about to turn two.

Karen concluded, “There isn’t a day that goes back that we aren’t grateful, every heartbeat is a heartbeat of gratitude.” In a world that discriminates against children born with Down syndrome, it’s refreshing to hear this family’s story. The Wolman’s not only loved their son, they fought for his life because they saw his immeasurable value. This story stands in stark contrast from recent stories of parents wishing they had aborted their child because of their disability.

Learn more about Renner’s miraculous survival in the video below.