University-Sponsored Display Claims Abortion is a “Gift From God”

State   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Mar 28, 2014   |   4:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Just this week Students for Life of America was on the University of Michigan campus with our “What Has Roe Done For Us?” display, educating and dialoging with students about how abortion exploits and harms women, only to find out that the university is apparently endorsing a different message to their students.

The University is currently sponsoring a pro-abortion display,“4000 Years of Choice”, which declares “Abortion as a Blessing” and a “gift from God,” directly countering to the truth put forth in SFLA’s Roe display which tells the stories of women like Jennifer Morbelli, Karnamaya Mongar, Tonya Reaves, and Marla Cardamone who were killed through legal abortion.  Further, the display declares that “Personhood for zygotes cruelly subverts the very idea of a culture of life and potentially criminalizes every pregnant woman.”

Abortion is never safe for woman, legal or illegal, and for the University of Michigan to have the audacity to use taxpayer dollars and a taxpayer-funded building to push forth an agenda and human rights violation that the majority of Americans oppose is disgusting.

Just to be certain that the display was in fact publically funded through taxpayer dollars, Tina Whittington, SFLA’s Executive Vice President, called the university’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG) the host and co-sponsor of this display along with the UM’s Program for Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design.

After talking to Debra M. Schwartz, Senior Public Relations Representative for the IRWG, it was discovered that the University of Michigan paid $1,000 to have artist, Heather Ault, come onto campus to give a lecture, as a part of that lecture the artist let them display her “art display,” “4000 Years of Choice”, free of charge.  On the phone Debra said, “Contrary to what they are saying this display is not about pro-choice or even pro-abortion.

This is about the history of women learning to control their reproductive system.  Heather is trying to get past the hanger and the idea of back alley dirty abortions and celebrate the ways women, and men for that matter, can control their reproductive system through birth control and even by aborting a fetus.”  While Heather Ault is trying to portray herself as an abortion historian, the truth is that she is radical, abortion activist, and the University of Michigan has funded this message through taxpayer money.

Take a look at her “art” below and decide for yourself whether or not her display is not pro-abortion:









Why is the University of Michigan using taxpayer funds that declare that “Abortion is a gift from God?” Do they support this message? SFLA is calling for the University of Michigan to take down this display, to return the taxpayers money, and to ensure that only private money is used for displays and projects like these.  It is an outrage for the university to endorse this anti-human rights message that “abortion is a gift from God” and that it is “a blessing.”


Join us in this call to action by calling Mary Sue Coleman, President of UM at (734) 764-6270 or by emailing her at [email protected] and demanding that she sees that this display is taken down, that all taxpayer money is returned for this event and display, and that never again will UM align themselves so closely with abortion as to allow public funds to be invested in a flagrant agenda to support and promote abortion.