Pro-Life Activist Thomas Peters Now Breathing, Talking on His Own

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 10, 2013   |   4:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Thomas Peters is a leading pro-life blogger and activist with CatholicVote and is well known on Twitter for his pro-life advocacy.

Today, a web site that is chronicling his recovery from a tragic swimming accident has an update that is wonderful news for the thousands of pro-life people who continue to pray for him. Thomas is now breathing an speaking entirely on his own.

“Thursday brought two welcomed events and kicked off a really great weekend,” the web site reports. “First, Thomas’ trach was taken out – completely!  Yes, he is completely breathing and talking on his own!  Over the next few days, speaking was a little more challenging, as air escaped out of his trach site, but he was still able to speak and the site is nearly closed!  Another victory — and something that, early on, was thought to be unlikely!”

More info from today’s update on Thomas’ condition:

Second, the last of the Zmuda/Peters family were able to visit him in DC!  Natalie’s older sister and husband, along with one of their two children, were in town from Thursday evening until Monday evening.  They enjoyed a wonderful reunion and spent as much of the weekend outside as possible, exploring the beautiful outdoor garden at the rehab facility.

{With special thanks:  This trip would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of a caring donor who used miles to purchase the tickets!  We are so very grateful for this!}

Thomas has 18 of the 20 staples removed from his posterior incision (the one at the back of his neck) and his doctor said everything is healing very well!

PT introduced stomach work on the mat, which included planking and push-ups!  Thom did well and continues working hard!

With the nifty assistance of his “helping cuff,” for the first time Thom completed his entire teeth brushing routine by himself from start to finish.  It’s incredibly exciting to see the small steps of each day’s therapy build up to the successful completion of a task!  He also fed himself lunch for the first time!

Thomas met a couple other C-6 SCI patients and really enjoyed the chance to hear the stories of other men with the same injury.  Both of these men have been in rehab longer than Thom and were incredibly encouraging about the process and are making great progress!

Please continue praying for this young pro-life activist!