Big Brother Episode Furthers Abortion Mindset by Trashing Adoption

Opinion   |   Joseph Kral   |   Aug 14, 2013   |   5:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Much attention has been given to this season’s Big Brother reality show.  Over the course of the summer, viewers, and the nation as a whole, have witnessed contestants within the Big Brother household make several derogatory remarks.  Candice Stewart was particularly targeted by several of the female houseguests throughout her tenure especially regarding her racial heritage (she is African-American).  Much of the nation was rightfully indignant when the racist comments were made public.  Two contestants lost their jobs (Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman), and one lost her real estate license (Amanda Zuckerman) as a result of those terrible words.

However, in the wake of those horrible statements the nation witnessed GMs. Zimmerman again make a host of offensive comments about the soon-to-be evicted Candice Stewart in episode 19 of the season.    A few days before Ms. Gries made the comment that Ms. Stewart “wasn’t raised right” because of her adoption. However, on the day of her eviction Ms. Zimmerman increased the rhetoric by stating, “At least my mom likes me, not like yours”, again alluding to the reality that her birth mother had given her up for adoption when she was an infant. However, there was no public outcry when these derogatory comments were made about Candice being adopted.  In fact, the media barely blinked.  Are not these remarks just as horrendous?

The mere fact that these comments were made at all indicates the Culture of Death mentality is not only in the philosophical outlook of some of the Big Brother contestants, but is alive and well at CBS.  Why do I propose this argument?  Firstly, I argue that while it may be free speech it is not morally acceptable speech.  The racist comments made by Ms. Gries and Ms. Zimmerman got them fired from their respective places of employment.  Why?  Probably, because since it is unacceptable speech, the employers did not want their companies associated with individuals who make publicly racist comments.  Comments like that incite emotional displays in people that can come out in violent ways.  Speech like that is like getting punched in the face.  Big Brother producers had plenty of opportunities to disqualify the contestants (they each made several racist comments) but failed to do so.  Now these adoption hate comments come out and again CBS does nothing.  In fact, Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, never mentions the adoption hate speech with Candice in their post-eviction interview at all after she was been evicted.  She only briefly eludes to it another interview with evicted guest Judd Daugherty.

These are comments being made by adults who ought to know that this kind of language is meant to incite anger and violence out of others.  Not only is this adoption hate speech directed at demeaning the person (it is essentially stating you should not be alive, it would have been better for your mother to have killed you), it is also directed at demeaning the family (basically stating that your parents are strange for bringing you into their family).  In essence, it is an extreme misunderstanding of the selflessness of the reasons why a birth mother to gives up the child.  Many people will never know just how painful this selflessness truly is and that in many of these cases these birth mothers are being heroic in not only carrying their children to term in a Culture of Death but to give those children up so they can be raised in a setting that is more suitable for the child.  They truly seek the best for their child.  Ms. Gries’ and Ms. Zimmerman’s statements not only mocked those birth mothers who have given up their children for adoption, they also mocked those families who have adopted children.



However, it seems to me that there may be another reason why CBS is allowing them to stay.  I just do not think that CBS only believes it’s a “free” speech issue.  Nor do I find it merely to be a ratings issue, although that may play a part.  It seems to me that much of Hollywood finds adoption a bewilderment of sorts.  Besides, how many celebrities actively go out of their way and promote adoption?  We see a few adopt, but as a whole they do very little to promote the sacredness of adoption.  Why?  I believe it to be due to the abortion mentality.  We do see many celebrities actively promote abortion on demand.  And the reality is that abortion has hardened much of society’s view towards adoption.  For many who view abortion as morally acceptable, adoption is seen as an aberration of sorts.  In their view if a mother cannot take care of the child she is carrying in her womb, then she should abort it.  In essence, they practically view abortion as the obligation in that situation.  Not merely a choice, as they like to try to convince others, but a moral obligation.

This unnatural take on morality and life obviously has it consequences as well.  One of those consequences would be that a candid national discussion on adoption would very likely expose the media’s bias towards abortion.  And the networks can’t have that.  It seems to me that CBS is probably unconsciously thinking that it is better to keep hate-speaking contestants in the Big Brother House than to risk losing credibility on the abortion issue.  Problem is CBS has already lost a lot of credibility on the handling of these contestants.  Failing to do the right thing after this fiasco is only exposing their pro-abortion mindset all the more.