Oklahoma Group Pushes for Parental Notification Law on Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 11, 2013   |   1:47PM   |   Oklahoma City, OK

A pro-life group in Oklahoma is pushing for lawmakers to approve a measure that would allow parents to be notified when their minor daughter is considering an abortion. Such a law would help parents steer their young daughters in a better direction.

Oklahomans for Life is supporting the Parental Notification for Abortion Act, HB 1588, which requires that a parent of a minor must be notified before an abortion can be performed on her.

“Under current law, a young girl in Oklahoma can evade having a parent notified about an intended abortion by getting a judge’s approval instead,” says OFL president Tony Lauinger. “This “judicial-bypass” procedure is blatantly abused, as the abortion industry is able to steer teenagers to judges whom they have identified as being supportive of abortion.”

“In one state with a judicial bypass, Minnesota, in a period of approximately four years, there were 3,573 judicial petitions to bypass parents, and only nine were denied,” he continues. “A judge who has heard over 1,000 of these petitions described his role at the bypass hearing as “a routine clerical function on my part, just like putting my seal and stamp on it.”

Oklahomans for Life wants pro-life advocates to contact their representative to support the Parental Notification for Abortion Act, HB 1588.

You can identify your own representative by going to our website, www.OkForLife.org. Click on Find Your Legislators. Type your address, then scroll down to the fifth entry for your representative’s contact information.



The group is also backing another pro-life bill.

“Please urge your representative and senator, also, to support HB 2015, the Abortion-Reporting-Law Update. Reporting requirements for abortions and abortion complications need to be updated to reflect new pro-life laws,” it says.