What if We Rang Salvation Army Bells to End Abortion?

Opinion   |   Ellie Saul   |   Dec 4, 2012   |   5:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Everyone in every town is familiar with the sweet people who ring bells and hold buckets for the needy this time of year. They are consistent and perhaps seasonally present, but familiar none the less.

I never put change in their buckets and I smile at them and say “no thank you” and keep walking. After reading about their abortion stance, what I want to do as I approach them is take their bells and just give them a piece of my pro-life mind. I want to tell them how valuable every life is and how wonderful the Creator of life is. In my small town, they would probably agree with me. The sweet bell ringer is not there to be a voice for abortion. If they were, no piece of my mind would change them.

That little bell rings for the needy. The ones ringing probably are not even aware of their organization’s view.

I have written about learning how the place of worship I attended viewed abortion and how it shocked me. In ignorance, I funded compromise in a place I thought was safe… church.

I have had multiple dreams that Planned Parenthood was opening a location inside a shopping mall. In each dream I was there with LIFE tape praying for God to end abortion. People made fun of me and I did not care. Young girls were going inside planned parenthood with shopping bags laughing and smiling and they came out weeping and wounded looking like they aged instantly and sadly inside that evil place. In one dream I wept so much the tape kept falling off my mouth because the girls were so young. Everyone else was just shopping and laughing and did not seem to notice that young girls went inside laughing and came out forever grieved. I wanted to hold everyone of them, but they walked right by me in a hurry to leave.

I wonder if that’s how the bell ringers feel when I walk by them. Perception is so powerful. I care about the needy. I do not know anyone more needy than a baby inside a mother’s womb.

What if we stood at malls and stores and churches wearing LIFE tape. What if instead of bells we had photos of babies in the womb? Most people I talk to are shocked when I talk about abortion and the grave, legal, intentional loss of lives every day. Many really just do not know because the apathy and compromise even in the “safe” places.

When I learned that the birth control I was taking was an abortifacient, I had a miserable time convincing the people around me that it was wrong. I can be amazingly persuasive and convincing, but I can not change hearts. I wrote in my journal that it felt like we were all in a burning building and I knew it was on fire so I tried to get everyone out. No one would believe me that the building was on fire. They were convinced that it was just smoke. They were so adamant that it was just smoke that I almost believed them. I wrote out a prayer and asked God to shine light on the darkness and expose it. I asked God to change the hearts around me. He did.

We can shout and we can shake and we can snub the bells around us all day long, but until we pray for God to change the hearts around us, they will remain stubborn and opposed to LIFE.



Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Please pray with me for the hearts around you to be awakened to LIFE today.

LifeNews Note: Ellie Saul lives in quaint Jasper, AL with her husband Andrew. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and live to share His word and love with anyone they meet. Reprinted with permission from the Bound4Life blog.