Bus Driver Tells Kid With Romney Sign: You Should Have Been Aborted

State   |   Erik Whittington   |   Oct 11, 2012   |   10:19AM   |   Washington, DC

A bus driver recently told a 12 year-old boy who was riding the bus he should have been aborted.

The boy’s parents have a “Romney/Ryan” sign in their front yard and the bus driver seemed to have a problem with it.  When the bus driver engaged the young boy into a political conversation the boy told the bus driver that Obama was pro-abortion.

The bus drivers response; “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

Are you kidding me? This bus driver just told a young boy maybe his mom should have had him killed in-utero because the bus driver doesn’t like the boys political beliefs.

Public schools are big into anti-bullying efforts, and rightfully so.  Isn’t this bullying? An adult not only engaging a young boy into a heated political debate but then suggesting this is nothing but bullying.  Shame on this adult and major props not only to this young boy for standing his ground but his parents as well in getting this bus driver fired.

Personally I would also press charges.  In other words, don’t mess with my kids – anyone!

UPDATE: The bus driver was fired after the report on a local radio show.



LifeNews Note: Erik Whittington is the director of Rock for Life.