Black Pro-Lifers Stand Up to Pro-Abortion “War on Women” Rally

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 21, 2012   |   4:45PM   |   Washington, DC

The huge pro-abortion rally that was supposed to bring tens of thousands of abortion advocates to Washington to stand up to the supposed “War on Women” pro-life groups, Republicans and Mitt Romney are supposedly waging on women didn’t materialize.

However, pro-life advocates stood their ground in a counter protest against the hardcore abortion backers who did show up.

The pro-abortion community was stunned by the presence of African American pro-life prayer supporters. Pro-life leaders on the ground were encouraged by the gathering of prayerful prolife supporters who wore t-shirts announcing the injustice of the death of Tonya Reaves; a Black woman who was killed in a botched abortion recently at a Chicago Planned Parenthood.

In contrast to the National March for Life which is held every January to lament the passage of Roe vs Wade and the court decision that made the killing of over 50 million unborn babies legal; the “We are Women” effort drew around 600 participants, where the March for Life draws hundreds of thousands of marchers every year. As a group of peaceful prayer supporters wearing prolife t-shirts circulated among the pro-abortion camp, one Planned Parenthood supporter shouted out in protest, calling one of the African American men praying for life a “ni-g-r.” The prayer team was undaunted and continued to speak the truth and pray in love, according to pro-lifers from Priests for Life.

Some members of the prayer team were able to speak to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who declined photo-ops with them.

One of the pro-abortion rally speakers was reportedly a Florida representative of Rainbow PUSH, a Rev. McKenzie who attempted to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; suggesting that Dr. King was a supporter of abortion. Rather than hiss and boo, the pro-life supporters stood quietly and stoically and stared at the speaker as a silent rebuke.

The prayer supporters were shocked and disturbed by a singing group extolling women as sluts. There was also a moment when pro-abortion supporters tried to get the prayer supporters to leave the area. This joint effort by pro-life organizations across the spectrum was held in the spirit of love that is embraced by the pro-life community.

A pro-abortion group We Are Woman worked with some of the leading players in the abortion industry for a rally in the nation’s capital in two weeks that it says will bring thousands of abortion activists to town.

The event had received endorsements from Planned Parenthood and NOW, as well as endorsements from left-wing activist group CODEPINK, the National Council of Women’s Organizations and its ERA Task Force, the National ERA Alliance, Rock the Slut Vote, and others.

Brianna Walden of the Family Research Council says the real “War on women” is abortion.

Pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood would like you to think they are fighting for women by opposing draconian measures promoted by republicans against women’s health. In actuality, the cause for which they go to war is not women’s health, but the expanse of abortion, and unfortunately women themselves are often the casualties in that war.



On July 20th, 2012, Tonya Reaves’ family joined a growing number of people grieving over the loss of a beloved daughter, mother, or sister to a failed abortion procedure. In reports on Tonya, who died from abortion complications in Chicago, Illinois, the number often promulgated regarding the percentage of abortions that result in the woman’s death is less than 0.3%. But as Tonya’s family knows, she is so much more than a statistic, a “less than one percent.” And so are the other 450+ women who have died as a result of abortion since Roe v. Wade (Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report, pg 36).

It is to the families of those 0.3% that Planned Parenthood offers their “condolences,” while at the same time opposing state legislatures’ attempts to offer real solutions to the shocking lack of regulation of the abortion industry.

Few Americans realize how de-regulated abortion clinics are across the country. Prior to 2011, Missouri was the only state in the nation that regulated its abortion clinics as it regulated other outpatient surgical facilities, the intuitive definition of an abortion clinic. Fewer still realize that Illinois had a one-page bill in 2011 (HB3156) that would do just that: define abortion clinics as “ambulatory surgical facilities” and regulate them thereby. Unfortunately, this simple bill designed to protect women was aggressively opposed by Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion lobby, and it died in the Illinois House of Representatives by a close vote.

Just over a year later something else died in Illinois, but this time it was a mother and her child.