Pro-Life News: Buffalo Abortion Group, Missouri Cloning Battle, Etc.

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 19, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 19,

Buffalo Planned Parenthood Upset United Way Won’t Fund Its Programs
Buffalo, NY ( —
The Planned Parenthood in Buffalo, New York is upset that the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County has refused its request for funding. Now it is asking members of the public to send in donations to cover the lost revenue. The United Way chapter denied Planned Parenthood’s request for funds to merger its Erie and Niagara County chapters. Planned Parenthood CEO Laura Meyers told WIVB, "When a donor gives to the United Way and says, ‘I want this money to go to Planned Parenthood’, the money comes to us. The United Way extracts about 13 percent in administrative fees, and that money gets pooled, from that administrative fee, to cover administrative costs, but also to go into what is called discretionary funding, and it is the discretionary funding that we’re talking about here." The local United Way has a policy not to provide community donations to groups that do abortions. However, it will allow donations to go there when the donor specifically requests the money go to the abortion business.

National Pro-Life Group Applauds New Missouri Anti-Cloning Initiative
Jefferson City, MO ( —
A leading national pro-life group says it will help support a Missouri ballot initiative that seeks to ban all forms of human cloning. The goal of the proposal is to close the loopholes found in Amendment 2 that voters very narrowly approved last November. Tony Perkins, the President of Family Research Council, says his group backs the new Cures Without Cloning effort. "I applaud the new Missouri initiative to advance cures for patients in a way that does not involve human cloning. This new initiative by Cures Without Cloning, a coalition of Missouri citizens, doctors, and professionals, offers a balanced amendment to the Missouri Constitution to prevent Missouri taxpayers from funding the cloning of human embryos for destructive research," Perkins explained. "Human cloning is now legal in Missouri. The Missouri Constitution should be clarified to ensure that all human cloning is prohibited and taxpayers are not forced to fund human cloning." Perkins added that the initiative would help clarify last year’s confusing and deceptive Amendment 2, which allows human cloning under the guise of stem cell research. The loophole in the Missouri Constitution needs to be closed to make sure real cures are being promoted by stem cell research, not human cloning. This ballot petition does precisely that." Perkins said Human cloning claims from South Korea turned out to be fraudulent, but false promises for human cloning continue.

British Pro-Life Students Protest Forced Abortions at China’s Embassy
London, England ( —
The Youth and Student Division of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) organized a demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy in London last week protesting against forced abortions and sterilizations carried out under China’s one-child policy. The silent demonstration drew attention to the killing of unborn children and the plight of women coerced or forced into abortion and sterilization. Leaflets describing the brutal methods used to enforce policy were handed to passersby. Demonstrators drew attention to the persecution of Mao Henfang and Chen Guangcheng both of whom have been imprisoned for campaigning against the one-child policy in China. The target of the protest was not only the Chinese government but also the British and European authorities who they claim are complicit in the one-child policy through financial and moral support.

Guatemalan Catholic Bishops Denounce WHO Program Promoting Abortion
Guatemala City, Guatemala ( —
The Catholic leadership in Guatemala is protesting a new United Nations program the WHO is sponsoring saying that it promotes abortion while it claims to foster post-abortion care. They released a document on August 22 criticizing the World Health Organization. “Our Constitution projects human life from the moment of conception,” the bishops note in their document, warning against the danger of the Ministry of Health’s campaign. They say it involves the training of medical and paramedical personnel in the use of suction machines on women who are in a “post-abortion situation.” “The move from post-abortion care to facilitating an abortion through the use of a suction machine” would be the practical outcome, “even though it would not be an official policy, as it would encourage the use of this method clandestinely in places away from health care facilities that don’t have the minimum standards of hygiene, much less the necessary medical equipment to address complications that may arise." The bishops call on Guatemalan authorities “to study in depth the grave consequences that result from the application of the post-abortion care program. We agree that the best care possible should be given to women who have gone through such a situation."

Gambia Nurse Jailed for Doing Illegal Abortions on Women
Banjul, Gambia ( —
A nurse in the African nation of Gambia has been jailed for two years for doing illegal abortions at a hospital there. Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh of the Kanifing Magistrate’s Court sentenced Dam Jeng, a nurse at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital two years imprisonment. Dam, 42, was found guilty by the court on charges of carrying out an illegal abortion on Mariama Tierera, a teenager from Old Jeshwang. The girl was two months into the pregnancy at the time of the abortion. Jammeh told the accused that, "what he did was unspeakable and unpardonable." He said he wanted to make Dam an example so others who not do illegal abortions as well. "Only God knows how many of these kind of operations you have carried out in your so-called house," Magistrate Jammeh told Dam.