"I Had an Abortion" Campaign Ignores Women Damaged by Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 13, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

"I Had an Abortion" Campaign Ignores Women Damaged by Abortions Email this article
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by Eve Sanchez Silver
October 13, 2006

LifeNews.com Note: Eve Sanchez Silver is a former analyst for the Susan G. Komen foundation who resigned because the organization donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and refused to acknowledge the abortion-breast cancer link. You can find more information at https://www.pinkmoney.org.

I am writing in response to Ms. Magazine’s "I Am Glad I Had An Abortion" campaign, and the magazine editors insistence that the opposite of "I am Glad I Had An Abortion" is NOT "I Regret my Abortion" but rather "I Regret my Birth."

I regret that 10 of my births were born dead due to miscarriage. I regret that I carried each child further than the one before, only to find that my cervix, badly damaged during two abortions, could not now contain my babies.

I regret that as I sat helplessly by, my elastic amniotic sacks leaked through my bird-pecked, damaged cervix, and then hour-glassed slowly filling with fluid; I regret the sudden gush of water flowing out of me … and singing to my babies as they died.

I regret birthing each dead child from high up within my womb, farther up and in, away, far away from the exit; and I regret hours and days of pushing, pushing, pushing a lifeless baby out. I regret the catatonic state I entered. I regret every internal exam, the fingers telling me that the baby was not low enough. I regret the body bags that gushed out and flooded the surgery. The bags they used to get me to the ambulances. I regret the blood I lost, the fluids, the mess, the chattering teeth, the horror and the pain.

I regret the knowledge that I myself had begun this cascade of mourning.

I regret the fear in my only son’s eyes, and the knowledge that grew in his face. The calm but desperate assurance he felt that it would happen again and again and again. I regret that even now. Even now, I hear my son crying for his siblings in my ears.

I regret the sudden entry to transition and the painful hours when birth and death worked me over side by side.

I regret telling people to leave me to do this alone when I had become an expert at losing life and I regret the ridiculous lengths I went to: the staying in bed for months, the stitching the cervix shut, the transitional pain of labor while the stitches strained against my harsh, screaming voice.

I regret that 60 out of SIXTY studies show that even one abortion greatly increases the risk of extreme, early pre-term births. I regret that the truth is hidden. I regret my two time abortion-breast cancer-linked breast cancers, they took my breasts and left me less than whole for oh, so long.

I regret that women are not hearing the truth and magazines like yours are lying to them, telling them there is nothing better than Aborting the American Way. I regret the genocide of minorities, the misinformation swallowed by the gullible and the jubilant. I regret what they will face…

I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth, I regret my birth.

I am grateful to God for my son and the daughter of my heart. but believe me: I regret my birth.