Publication Contains New Studies Showing Abortion Harms Women

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 4, 2003   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Publication Contains New Studies Showing Abortion Harms Women

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
December 4, 2003

Springfield, IL ( — The 2003 supplement to "Detrimental Effects of Abortion" is now available to the public, free of charge. The reference, published by the Elliot Institute and available for download at its website is an annotated bibliography of reports and studies related to post-abortion complications and trends.

Aside from being the second supplement to the edition published in 2001, it is the first section to be published following the death of its creator and editor, Thomas W. Strahan.

The 2003 supplement contains 59 new entries to the massive bibliography, covering studies on depression, psychiatric hospitalization, repeat abortions, cancer, and even smoking and other substance abuses that have been documented in relation to abortions. The complete 2001 edition includes more than 1,200 entries and is 336 pages in length. The first supplement, published in 2002, is also available for download.

"Those who download the supplements will quickly see why ‘Detrimental Effects of Abortion’ should be in every library in the country," said Amy Sobie, a spokeswoman for the Elliot Institute, which is the publisher of the series.

"Many women considering an abortion rightly wonder what it involves and will look for books in their school or community library. ‘Detrimental Effects of Abortion’ will catch their attention and quickly show them what the medical literature really reveals, before it is filtered or distorted by poor-choice advocates."

As it was the desire of Strahan to have the bibliography continually updated, the Elliot Institute is looking for a new editor to carry on the important reference work.

David Reardon, director of the Elliot Institute, called Strahan a “Hidden Giant" of the pro-life movement.

“My guess is that only a few hundred people in the pro-life movement would automatically recognize Tom Strahan’s name and associate it with the important contributions he has made to protecting women and their children," said Reardon in a tribute to Strahan in the introduction to the 2003 Supplement. “Tom left … a written treasure of research and case law that will continue to affect the course of national affairs for years to come."

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